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How to Remove Community Chat in Messenger

Facebook does not allow you to completely erase an entire Messenger group chat on everyone’s account, but it is possible to disable and end it energetically. The deactivation of a Facebook Messenger Group Chat allows you to erase the Chat’s contents in the Messenger application in your account. It will also definitely save it for every member of the group chat. This means that everyone can continue to see it. However, they can’t post new messages to group members or invite members from other groups to join.

A few of the pictures related to the process are shown inline below. Images associated with the actions can be viewed in this embedded YouTube video. Please note that you cannot post a direct comment on this post. If you’ve got a concern or comment, you can submit it to YouTube’s video.

How do you add someone to Moderator or Administrator:

Start your Facebook Messenger app on your Android or iOS device.
Click on the menu with the three dots button. Select the Members feature within the Community Chat.
Pick the person you would like to designate as an administrator or moderator. If you’re together on your iOS device, you must click “More Actions.
Click on the Add as admin option for this individual to become an admin. You can also tap the “Add as moderator” opportunity for this person to become a moderator.
Press the Send invitation button.
After that, those you have added as moderators or admins can accept or deny the invitation.

Hide a Community Chat (Participant)

When participating in a chat, you may never delete your Chat forever. But you can block your community from the rest of the world. Follow these steps to hide your chats through Messenger.

Use the Messenger application on your mobile.
Tap three bars on the left side, then click on the Edit feature in the community section.
Remove the tick mark for the group you want to keep secret.
After that, click Save to confirm the chatroom’s omission.

Turn Off the Chat Feature

If you’ve joined more than one group and resent every message from the group, consider this option in case Chat doesn’t matter to your profile on Facebook. The method also blocks people from chatting with people you don’t know. This means no one other than you can talk to anyone on Facebook once this feature has been disabled. To turn off the chat feature, follow these steps:

Suppose you click on Chat at the bottom right corner of the screen. Choose Options and select Offline.

What happens if you decide to leave an online chat group in Messenger?

If you quit an online group chat using Messenger and leave, you’ll notice that the Chat has been removed entirely from your chat list. Although earlier Facebook allowed you to read older messages in the group when you left the group, an update to Messenger now blocks the ability to read messages after leaving.

When you quit an organization, you can never view this group’s messages. There is no way to find groups in conversations. The group will not send updates about the groups. You can’t be a part of the group other than to be reinstated.

What Happens After You Permanently Delete the Group Chat

Although your group chat won’t show up in your Messenger, it may show up in the Chat list for all the members. There is no way to control this, so if one member of the group chooses to leave a message within the chatroom, the chat group will appear in your Chat list.

If you don’t want the group Chat to be kept up-to-date by one member or by anyone else, the desirable option is to delete the entire group first. Then, remove the Chat once you are the only participant left. The group chat won’t be deleted if you leave the group; remove it once you have it from the group.

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