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Can geese eat apples

Geese are robustly built waterfowl belonging to the same family as swans and ducks. Humans have domesticated geese for around 200 years which is one reason they have been incorporated into folklore and literature, as depicted by well-known expressions and idioms, such as “a wild goose chase” and “cooked his/her goose”.

Geese are big, bulky, and, often, quite plump therefore what food do geese consume?

The majority of geese species are omnivores. Their diet is mostly comprised of plant material, including seeds grass, roots, bulbs, grains, and berries as well as aquatic plants. Certain species, like Canadian geese, are herbivores. While geese are often described as “greedy”, they’re notoriously very picky eaters!

A friendly, gregarious, and loud bird that is a mate for life, geese reside and breed within the Northern Hemisphere, and are well-adapted to colder weather. As with many waterfowl, like swans and ducks, They must maintain a fat layer that shields their undersides from the cold waters, as well as their diet, is extremely demanding. The majority of geese reproduce in the extreme north, further north than the tundra of the Arctic across Greenland, Canada, and Siberia.

Can Geese eat Apples?

Apples are among the two most loved fruits birds consume, and geese enjoy eating apples. While many breeds can eat apples easily, certain breeds may find it difficult to consume certain varieties of apples.

If you plan to feed your geese apples and geese, you can make the food more convenient and safe to eat by cutting your apple into smaller chunks. It is also possible to mash the apples to soften them or bake them.

But, not every component of an apple can be beneficial for geese. Let’s look at the different varieties, forms, and features of apples you need to be aware of when feeding geese apples.

Apple Peels

Geese can take apple peels and eat them without issue particularly if they’re very thinly cut.

Peels of apples are beneficial to the goose’s gut. A majority of an apple’s fiber content is located inside the apple’s peel.

Fiber aids in the mixture and the digestion of different nutrients within the stomach of a goose, and it aids in the movement of the gut. Soluble fiber is also an energy source after fermentation within the cecum.

Apple Seeds

Do not offer apple seeds or pieces with seeds for your geese.

Apple seeds are contaminated with cyanide. an ingredient that is extremely toxic when consumed by geese. Consumed, cyanide inhibits some processes that help to breathe. It could result in symptoms like dizziness, nausea, and even death.

In many instances, apple cores are used to get rid of seeds before giving them to geese.

Vitamin and Nutritional Value of the Apple

The apple is an excellent food source of antioxidants, carbohydrates sodium, and fiber. A small apple contains 83% water content.

The vitamins and minerals derived in the apple include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Potassium.


Apple is a great source of fiber when consumed with its skin still on. Many pet owners do not remove the skin and give it to their pets because it comes in bite-sized chunks. The abundance of apples helps improve digestion health. But, don’t feed geese bread as a substitute source.


As with human beings, protein is essential for a goose. It helps in the healing of muscle as well as connective tissues. A balanced diet can give goose the amount of protein required for various purposes. Geese can consume sunflower seeds instead.


The apple contains a good amount of sodium or salt that helps prevent fluid retention and weight loss, fatigue, and impaired growth. Feeding peanuts to geese is an alternative.

Vitamin A

Geese need to get a decent dose of Vitamin A often since it can benefit in a variety of ways. Vitamin A not only aids the bird’s eyesight but also helps prevent other problems with the feathers and the skin. Vitamin A enhances geese’ egg production.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital for maintaining normal metabolic processes and physiological requirements. Female geese are more dependent on it when they are raising young ones.


It is essential to the general well-being of the bird. It aids in the development of feathers, bones, beaks muscles, nerves brain functions, as well as heart health.

It is not just a way to prevent fluid imbalances, but it also provides the health of the nervous system. It also has the capability of lowering blood pressure to ensure that the goose remains active.

Additionally, you should avoid feeding your goose food items with mold on them. It is poisonous and could cause severe damage to muscles, kidneys, liver, and other organs of the body.

Geese are usually fantastic pets to have They are fun and playful, and aren’t expensive to take care of.

Always cut whole fruit and veggies into small pieces for easy chewing. This is also to keep your pet from getting choked. A balanced diet will help keep your pet healthy. pet.

Geese typically have a well-balanced appetite, however, the best way to boost their appetite is by feeding them food that they enjoy eating.

Final Thoughts

Treating your geese with apple snacks can make them feel happy and improve their digestion. Make sure to remove the seeds before feeding the apples to your goose. It is also possible to chop the apples into pieces that are bite-sized to make it easier for them to swallow and digest.

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