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Can You use Airpods With Android

For those who are Android users and are considering purchasing a pair of Apple AirPods, you may be thinking about whether they’ll work with the device you have. In this post, we’ll tackle that issue and give you everything you should know about how AirPods operates.

Additionally, we’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of using AirPods with Android and iOS to help you determine if they’re the right choice. Read on to find out more!

Do AirPods Work With Android?

Yes, you can utilize Apple AirPods with Android devices!

In contrast to what some people might think, AirPods don’t use specialized technology to provide wireless connection. Similar to most mobile phones using the standard Bluetooth technology. It means that you can connect AirPods AirPods to any Bluetooth-capable Android device.

But, a problem is associated with this ease of use.

Even though you can utilize AirPods on Android phones (like the ones on your Samsung phone), the features offered are limited. This means many of the features available to iOS users will not be available.
However, if you want to use AirPods on your Android phone, check out this guide on pairing them correctly.

What you should avoid using AirPods in conjunction with your Android

There is a reason to take a look at the hype surrounding AirPods as everyone is using them, but do you need them to use them if you own an Android phone? They are functional, but AirPods are specifically designed for use with Apple devices. That means you’ll miss the available features specifically designed for Apple products only. Due to the sheer number of functions you’ll miss out on, even if you’re using an Android device, it might not be worth the cost. They include:

No Spatial Audio. Dynamic head tracking technology that makes you feel like the sound emanates from every direction surrounding you.
There is no indicator for battery life. No indicator for battery life status. Apple devices display on-screen and tonal notifications for when AirPods’ battery is at a low point.
There is no Siri integration – AirPods aren’t compatible with Google Assistant.
There is no Ear Detection. This function detects and instantly pauses the music you listen to when you take the AirPod out of your ear. In the same way, your music resumes after you insert the earbud back into place.
The feature is not available. My feature – This function helps you locate your AirPods when you’ve lost the device. The feature is not accessible on Android gadgets at the moment.
A simple setup to pair to an Apple device requires only opening the case close to that device and then completing some simple steps.
There is no automatic switch – AirPods have been connected to an iCloud account of Apple users. This lets users quickly switch between using AirPods on the iPhone, iPad, or Macbook.

How to Connect AirPods to an Android Phone

Connecting your AirPods to your Android gadget, as well as something else with Bluetooth, is simple. To do this, you must follow these steps, which might differ slightly depending on the Android device:

On Android, open Settings > Connected devices > Pair new device. It will then put your device in Bluetooth pair mode.
Set the AirPods and AirPods Pro inside the charging case to ensure that your case is opened.
If you own an AirPods Max, take them from their case.
Press the button on the rear side of the display for a couple of minutes.
For the AirPods Max, hold the buttons to control the noise.
After you’ve confirmed that your AirPods are set to connect, a light will begin flashing either on the front or inside of the case based on the model.
In the case of AirPods Max, the light appears on the lower part of the left earcup.
There should be an option for AirPods within the Bluetooth pairing menu. Click it to connect your AirPods with Android.

This is all you need to do for the AirPods to function on Android. Now, you can use them as you would other Bluetooth headphones. If you are having trouble with Bluetooth, check out our article on fixing Bluetooth problems with Android.

AirPod Features That Work on Android

From the start, AirPods functionality on Android is very limited. However, the double-tap or press function works. If you double-tap any of the AirPods (or hit the Force Sensor at the base on the stem of AirPods 3), It plays or stops the music. If you’ve personalized the settings on your AirPods with the iOS device, the next track and previously played track gestures can also work. However, Siri doesn’t work, and neither can you say “Hey Siri” on AirPods 2 or 3, as that requires an Apple device.

Another benefit of AirPods in Android has to do with Bluetooth connectivity range. AirPods generally come with a more Bluetooth range than the other Bluetooth-enabled headphones. This applies to both Android as well as iOS.

AirPods have lost their distinctive features when you use Android. Some Android apps are created to bring back some features and increase the capabilities of AirPods with Android.

Features that are reduced offer less value.

It should be clear that we’re about to state that an insufficient product might still be one that you enjoy. In reality, their price is tied to the current conditions due to how short-lived authentic wireless earphones can be. If you’re not planning to replace your Android smartphone anytime soon, chances are you will only be using the product for a short time with only one. If so, you’re paying more for a device backed by many competitors with the same features. For many, it’s the case that AirPods are less expensive than other options.

If you’re in that situation, there’s a good reason to look into alternative options to AirPods and AirPods Pro, which could be more compatible with Android phones. Many choices are available today, and a wide selection of impressive models may be the perfect fit for users. However, it’s worthwhile to remember that despite the disadvantages, AirPods or AirPods Pro may still be the perfect option for you, based on the accessibility in your area and even the chance in terms of pricing. AirPods don’t have a bad experience for Android; however, they’re not the complete solution.

How to Monitor the AirPods’ Connection and Battery

Use an app that can monitor the AirPod’s connectivity and battery health. There are free alternatives like AirBattery, Podroid, AirBuds Popup, and Assistant Trigger.

Through these apps, you can monitor the AirPod’s overall battery life and the specific batteries of both the Left and Right AirPod.

Certain apps come with special and useful attributes, so research each application to determine what features appeal to you. For example, AirBattery offers in-ear detection in apps like Spotify and Netflix. This feature can stop the sound of the AirPods each time you remove them from your ear.


It’s dependent on the person. However, budgetary considerations are a factor. AirPods cost a lot, but they aren’t the most affordable options accessible that are compatible with Android gadgets. AirPods have gained so much popularity because of their compatibility with Apple items; however, without the additional advantages, it is possible to ask whether AirPods are worth the money.

We believe that users who have AirPods and would like to utilize the headphones with their Android phones do not need to purchase additional headphones. However, we don’t recommend those searching for the ideal wireless headphones to choose AirPods except if they have an Apple phone.

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