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Change My Keyboard Back To Normal On Android?

It’s impossible to type anything when the Keyboard on the screen disappears. However, if the Keyboard goes missing for some reason, most people begin to search for ways to restore the Keyboard on their android phones.

Whether you lost the Keyboard or want to set it to the default setting and return the Keyboard, whatever happened to you is identical. Go to Settings > Systems > Languages and Input and Keyboards on-screen is necessary. Once you’re there, turn on the keyboard, you’d like to use, and then you’re done.

Understanding how to change the Keyboard is beneficial; however, you should understand what could have caused the change initially. The Keyboard doesn’t change on its own in the event of a malfunction in the system. Find out what is the cause since it could be a hidden issue!

What is the reason my Keyboard isn’t appearing on my Android?

Android keyboard is not working could result from a version not working correctly on your device. Start the Play Store on your device and go to the My apps and games, then upgrade the keyboard app to the most current available version.

How can I restore my Keyboard to standard Android?

If you refer to an ordinary keyboard, you can follow the steps described above. The basic procedure is to open the Settings menu, System and Language. Then click Input On-Screen Keyboard.

From there, you can choose the Keyboard you wish to select. If you use other keyboards that are not standard, they will appear on the list; therefore, you need to turn them off.

How Do You Fix Keyboard Disappeared on Android Phone?

While I’ve never had this issue, I have spoken to numerous users.

Here are some suggestions:

Force Reboot

Force-restarting is similar to regular rebooting; however, it is more complete. The process for force restart will differ based on your device’s model and the manufacturer.

How do you switch the Keyboard on your Android phone?

Download and install a new keyboard on Google Play.
Navigate to the Settings on your phone.
Find and tap on Languages and input.
Click on the Keyboard currently in use under Keyboard and input methods.
Tap on the Keyboard that you wish to select.
Select the new keyboard (such as SwiftKey) you wish to make default.

How do I download a brand new keyboard?

The first step is to have to download a New keyboard on the Play Store. Let’s knock that out.

Go to Google Play Store on your phone. Google Play Store on your smartphone.
Search “keyboard”.
Choose the keyboard you’d like to download (we’re using SwiftKey in this example).
Tap Install.

Update the App

Check that you’ve upgraded your Keyboard as well. It could have malfunctioned when it’s not up to date.

Everything you have to do is:

Open the Google Play Store
Go to My Apps & Games
Choose your Keyboard in the list, and then click Update.

What can I do to switch my Keyboard to normal?

There isn’t a universal answer to this question because the steps required to turn the Keyboard to normal differ based on the type of computer and Keyboard. However, some suggestions to help are shutting off your Bluetooth function the keyboard Bluetooth function, disconnecting the keyboard from your computer, and then resetting your Keyboard settings.

Restore The Keyboard From Scratch

Once you’ve figured out how to restore the Android’s default keyboard, You may be unsure of what to do if the Keyboard goes away completely. The issue is how to fix a lost keyboard back in Android instead of only the default keyboard.

Follow the five steps mentioned above to restore the Keyboard. However, if your device erased the Keyboard, you’ll need to use a different keyboard.

Can you use multiple keyboards that are on-screen on Android?

An Android device can have several keyboards that are available. You can, however, only use one keyboard at the same time. You’ll have to switch between them during writing if you wish to change them. It’s a pain if your phone does not have the quick switch feature.

If not, we recommend sticking to one keyboard type rather than moving between several keyboards.

How do you alter the settings for the Keyboard on Android?

The easiest method to alter the keyboard preferences for Android is to start the Settings app and click on Language & Input. You can choose which Keyboard you would like to use and then set up any other preferences.

How can I get my keys back to my mobile?

Android keyboard settings
Click Settings, scroll through the section Personal and then tap Language and input. Tap Default to switch between keyboards on Android. Go to the Keyboards & Input Methods heading to find an overview of all the keyboards you can use by the Android device, and with the active Keyboard selected to the left.

Final Thoughts

It’s simple for you to restore a keyboard on an Android device. You may want to go with the standard Android Keyboard if you don’t like how the new version appears.

I’ve explained how to alter it and ways to fix your Keyboard not working. This issue has occurred at least once. A simple fix such as the force restart could aid. If not, you’ll be required to update your OS or switch to safe mode.

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