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Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network iPhone, Verizon

The ‘Couldn’t activate the cellular data network’ error message on your device with eSIM connectivity is annoying. This error indicates a disconnect from your carrier’s cellular network and could be caused by many things, including temporary network issues and problems specific to your device.

This article offers thorough instructions on resolving the issue commonly encountered when using an electronic SIM.

Why isn’t cellular data functioning on my iPhone?

If it’s about mobile data, it’s not a mystery that there are many causes for why it could happen. It could be that your phone is experiencing an internal problem that’s refusing to connect to the internet, or something else could be occurring. It’s hard to know what is causing the issue.

Today, there are plenty of possibilities for an incident similar to this. This is something that people must take note of, and we’ll focus on providing individuals with the information they need in every possible situation that doesn’t allow cellular information on their iPhones.

Common Causes of the Error

We’ll look at what could be the cause of this annoying error

Network Outages: Sometimes the problem isn’t you, but the other. You could notice this error if the carrier’s network is experiencing a problem (think you’re down or very busy).

The wrong settings on your phone: It requires the correct information to connect to a network. If your APN or network settings are incorrect and you are experiencing this issue.

SIM Card Problems A damaged or inappropriately installed SIM card could also complicate the process and prevent your device from connecting to a network.

Software glitches: Issues with or problems with your device’s software could cause problems, interfering with the device’s ability to connect effectively.

Troubles related to your carrier: Sometimes, it could be something specific to your carrier that affects how your phone connects to networks.

Turn On Cellular Data

Once we’re confident that Airplane Mode is off, we’ll check to see if the cellular data has been turned active. Click Settings, Cellular, and then turn on the switch beside Cellular Data at the top of the screen. It’s easy to tell Cellular Data when it’s green.

If Cellular Data is already on it, you can try turning the switch off and then switching it back on. This should allow Cellular Data a fresh start to check if the device isn’t working due to a minor glitch in the software.

Update Your Carrier Settings

Settings for carriers should automatically update; however, if you feel that your iPhone is falling behind, you can prompt yourself to update it.

Navigate to Settings, General, and About, and Leave the iPhone at that location for about a minute. It will scan for updates to the Carrier Settings in the background and notify you if it detects any.

Toggle Cellular Data Off and On:

Go to Settings > Cellular.

Touch on the Cellular Data switch to turn off the data.

Take about 30 seconds to wait.

Reset it.

Enable or Disable LTE:

Go to Settings > Mobile Data Options > Enable LTE.

Connect your smartphone to a Wi-Fi connection.

Allow the phone to sit for approximately 30 seconds.

Contact Your Wireless Carrier

If you’ve reached this point and your iPhone Cellular Data is not working, you should call your wireless provider. Your cellular connection may not work because your wireless carrier has been performing repairs to its towers. Find your provider’s customer service number and call it to determine whether they can solve the issue.

What is an excellent way to transfer your mobile data onto a new iPhone?

iOS allows you to switch your mobile plan when you set up your iPhone. Choose the number you wish to transfer, and then tap Continue. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup. To transfer your plan following setup, Go to the Settings menu > Cellular > add a Cellular Plan. After your plan has been active on the new iPhone, the plan you had on the previous phone is deactivated.

What is the meaning of mobile data roams?

“Roaming” is when your smartphone can access the data from your cell phone when you move out of the coverage zone. Although domestic roaming is generally free, international roaming could be charged extra. What you have to pay for depends on the carrier you’re together.


The situation could get worse when they see the “iPhone could not activate cellular data network” error. This article will guide you through the process of getting rid of this problem.

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