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Based on your device to stream Fubo and other shows, you’ll have two options: sign in with your email address and password or an activation code.

Every supported candevice can sign in by using an email address and a password. Select the SIGN IN option once you start the Fubo application, and type in your email address that you signed up with to join Fubo, along with your password on the device with a built-in keyboard.

Every connected device, TV, and gaming console can join with an activation code.

How To Enter Activation Code In Fubo TV

To enter a code into FuboTV, follow these steps:

First, visit the FuboTV activation page at on a web browser from your computer or mobile device.

There will be a box where you have to type in the code that activates the TV screen.

The code on the TV screen is in the appropriate field on the page for activation.

Select on the “Submit” option to proceed.

You’re prompted to log in if you’re not connected with your FuboTV account. Input your email address as well as the password for the FuboTV account.

After logging into your account, the device will be activated and connected, and you can enjoy FuboTV content on your television.

How do I sign up and download Fubo to your LG Smart TV?

Fubo can be streamed natively on LG Smart TV. In addition, you can stream your content to your LG Smart TV through Apple AirPlay (2024+ (webOS 4.0+) versions).

Fubo application on LG Smart TV

Click here to sign up to receive Fubo.

After you’ve logged in, Go to your Home Screen on your LG Smart TV.

Open the app store, and look for “Fubo” for your LG Smart TV.

Click “Download” to download the application.

After installation, sign in by using the Fubo credentials.

It is now possible to play Fubo through the LG Smart TV.

fuboTV App

The FuboTV application on LG Smart TVs gives the best viewing experience and comes with popular features, including:

Profiles: Up to six subscribers can customize their experience on fuboTV. Profiles permit each user to access their playlist of videos (which don’t expire), personalized recommendations, and even a manual specific to their preferences in terms of content.

A Customizable Guide for LG Smart TV app users will be capable of “favorite” channels, transferring their preferred channels up to the top of their list and ensuring they can quickly access programs most relevant to their needs.

Record Series: This “set it, forget it” feature lets you record a whole series with only one button, meaning they do not have to fret about being unable to catch an episode of the show they love.

Record Teams: Users can stay updated with the teams they love without worrying about missing any game—just a single click to record every match for one team and then watch them at any time.

Watch Next: fuboTV’s new Watch Next feature lets users binge-watch a show effortlessly. After an episode, they will be automatically informed of the following episode recommended to users, making binge-watching much easier!

Can You Watch FuboTV Offline?

However, FuboTV does not currently provide an offline viewing feature. But you can download some shows or movies to stream offline using the FuboTV application.

Does FuboTV offer a free trial?

FuboTV indeed offers a seven-day trial that is free for new users. It’s an excellent opportunity to try FuboTV before you commit to signing up for a contract.

In conclusion, FuboTV is a great way to enjoy live sporting events, news, and other entertainment channels via the Smart TV. With FuboTV, watching over 150 channels and enjoying various functions is possible. Its price is quite affordable, even offering a free initial trial of 7 days. You can do it efficiently and quickly if you plan to view FuboTV with your Smart TV.

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