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how do you know if an article is peer reviewed

In many cases, professors have students use articles published in “peer-reviewed” publications. Sometimes, the terms “refereed journal” and “scholarly journal” refer to the same kind of journal.

What Is Peer Review?

What does “peer review”? It is a procedure whereby authors conducting research submit an article they’ve offered to an academic journal. The journal’s editor then forwards the paper to the author’s colleagues (researchers or scholars) who belong to the same field to be reviewed. The reviewers decide if the article is worthy of publication following how well the study is conducted, including the reliability of the results, the conclusions the authors draw, and the quality of the study. This is crucial since it validates the research and gives it a type of “seal or seal of acceptance” among the scientific community.

What can I do to find a peer-reviewed article?

After you’ve completed an initial search on Discover, it is possible to “Refine Results” This includes “Limit to” Peer-Reviewed Journals.

A variety of other limiters could be set, including dates, types of subject, databases, and kind, which can help improve the search results.

What can I do to determine whether an article has been peer-reviewed?

It is necessary to review the journal’s details to determine whether its articles are peer-reviewed. If the article is published in a printed periodical, check the publication details on the title of the publication. If the piece comes from an electronic journal, visit the journal’s homepage and look for the link to the section ‘About this journal or Notes for Authors.’ This will tell you whether the articles have been peer-reviewed.

The image below illustrates the author guidelines area of the British Journal of Sociology:


There are a few exceptions that information published in peer-reviewed journals is reviewed or refereed. For instance, editorials and letters to the editor Book reviews and various other types of information aren’t considered articles and could not be deemed a helpful article by your professor.

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