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how do you tame a cat in minecraft

This Minecraft Taming Guide will explain how to tame wild cats to make friends with players. Commonly, they are found in towns; Cats are a passive mob that makes the ideal companion for those who venture into a hazardous area. Therefore, whether you’re trying for Cats or the steps you need to take to be able to control them or curse them, we’ve got all the information you need in our guide to taming cats below, which was revised following the Minecraft 1.18 update.

The creation of farms, homes, and dungeons in Minecraft is fun -however, what’s a fantasy world without your pet? If you’re looking for an animal companion to play with or find waiting for you in your home after an exhausting day of prospecting for diamonds, then you can manage a feral cat.

Where can I locate a cat on Minecraft?

Before we think about controlling a cat and making a pet of the animal, the first step is to locate an animal. Cats are pretty easy to find, and in villages with a minimum of two villagers and four beds, cats can spawn. The cats (up to 10) can generate for every four beds within a village, which means you’ll have a variety of colors to choose from.

Minecraft. How to control an animal

To control the cat, you’ll need to find a cat and gather Raw Salmon or Raw Cod. Cats are typically located in villages that have four beds and a villager. Here’s what you should do if you spot a cat:

Install fencing around the cat to prevent it from fleeing.

You can take Raw Cod or Raw Salmon in your hands and slowly walk towards the cat.
Feed your cat, and you’ll notice the appearance of grey smoke, which indicates that the taming process is in full swing.
Continue feeding Raw Salmon or Raw Cod until the smoke goes away and red hearts appear on your cat.

Congratulations! you’ve successfully tamed an animal.

The quantity of fish needed will differ for different cat species, and therefore you must take a good amount.

The cat follows you through Minecraft. If you get lost, it will return. Furthermore, it may also offer you items such as strings, raw chicken, and more from time to moment.

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