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how long can a rabbit go without eating

Rabbits shouldn’t spend more than 12 hours with no food since it could cause changes in their pH digestive tract, which can cause painful gas. This painful gas can result in a reduction in appetite and then eventually no food even.

How Much Food Do Rabbit Need?

Adult rabbits are recommended to eat 14 cups of pellets for every six pounds bodyweight, 2 cups of veggies for every 6 pounds of the body weight, and 2 1 ounces of fruits per same body weight daily.

Alongside the food you measure, your adult rabbit must also be able to access grass, timothy and Oat Hay. They usually go through a bag similar to the size they have, and that’s a day.

How many days can a rabbit go without food before he dies?

The rabbits that graze must ALWAYS have food available to maintain their digestive system. If your rabbit hasn’t been eating for longer than 12 hours, it can result in a change in the pH of your rabbit’s digestive system, and this can cause uncomfortable gas.

This gas is painful, which in turn, can result in your rabbit not taking their meal.

Making sure your rabbit has a steady diet particularly crucial for rabbits or bunnies who are less than one year old, as their digestion system can be susceptible to changes and may even cause the death of your rabbit.

How long can a rabbit live without drinking water?

Rabbits can go for all-day without water until they are subject to severe penalties. If your rabbit is drinking and eating just like you, it’s okay. Most of the time you were away, the rabbit was probably sleeping.

Does a bunny drink too Much water?

If your pet is drinking excessive amounts of water is a sign that something isn’t quite right. In contrast to being an avid eater, an enthusiastic drinker may indicate that something is wrong, and you should change or consult your vet.

In general, a rabbit should drink between 50-150ml of water per kg per day, and that’s about 1-5 oz per 2 pounds a day.

Can rabbits starve to death?

If there are plenty of rabbits in the area, people consume them until their stomachs are full. However, regardless of the amount they finish, they’re not content. A steady diet of rabbits causes rabbit starvation diarrhoea can begin to appear in approximately a week. If the diet is not stopped, death could result.”


Rabbits should not be left unattended with no food for more than 12hrs as it can cause an illness known as gastrointestinal stasis or GI stasis.

GI stasis refers to the restriction down of the movement of food. The GI stasis cycle creates a vicious circle that results in your rabbit suffering from discomforting gas because of changes in pH within their GI tract, which can lead to your rabbit being unable to eat anything.

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