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How Long Does It Take To Read 100 Pages?

The speed of reading is a personal issue that depends on the individual and other aspects. The average rate of reading is about 300 words/minute. This is calculated by comparing the speed between readers who comprehend text and read it at a moderate pace. Using simple maths and the average word count on the page, we can quickly determine that reading a 100-page book would take approximately an hour and forty-five minutes.

It’s not the quick answer. Examining the issue more deeply, you’ll discover another story. From the differences between slow and fast readers to factors that influence reading speed and the ways to increase your rate of reading, The entire topic will be covered in the following article.

Various factors play into the equation of the time it takes for a person to go through 100 or any other number of pages. What are these variables? We’ll cover more in our article.

The speed of the average

According to some sources, the reading speed average is approximately 300 words per minute. When we say average, we are ordinary people who are literate enough to read, comprehend and understand at a reasonable rate. Of course, some individuals are speedy readers, and others read exceptionally slowly.

If you read 300 words per minute, it will take two hours and 45 minutes roughly. If you read 100 pages in 2-hour and 45-minutes, a typical novel will take around 13 hours 35 mins (assuming that the book is 500 pages) of uninterrupted reading. No one can read in one reading session.

If you only read for an hour, you will complete the novel approximately 14 days. If you add another similar book within a month, you’ll finish two books. What words did you read? Around 500,000 words! This is quite a bit, even if you’re at an average speed.

When the book was completed

As we said previously, the period the book was written can significantly affect the speed at which it is read. Different language, tone, and even expressions could make an older book challenging to read compared to one created in the last few years. How long will it take to read 100 pages of an older book? That depends on the individual reader and the experience he has had.

Reading Habit

Reading habits allow you to absorb details with precision and quickly. A person who reads daily can read fluently with practising reading. When I’m an expert reader, I have to be less focused on understanding the meanings of words and the general nature of the sentences. Regular reading will make you proficient readers. They will acquire the ability to read any text with a sense of. Therefore, someone with an established habit of reading takes much less than it takes 150 minutes.

The interest of the reader

Recent studies in psychology have shown an immediate correlation between reading speed and the reader’s enthusiasm for the subject of the article or book. This is logical when you consider that studying a topic that you’re naturally interested in is much more enjoyable than learning something simply because you must. It doesn’t matter if it’s a novel or an academic textbook, or merely an essay; your subject will significantly influence the speed you read. If you are interested in it, you’ll go through it faster.

Page by Page

Daily reading of 100 pages is a daunting task. Let me be honest, and I’m going, being honest, it’s. I’m speaking as a reader of a large number of books. I’ve read more than 50 books this year, which I could not do without reading many books each day. If you’re looking to complete 100 books in a year, first, you’ll have at least 100 pages every day, at a minimum.

It’s certainly easier to read this if you’re self-employed, but when I was working full-time, I was reading between 50 and 100 pages per day.

My suggestion is not to jump in headfirst and attempt to go through 100 pages in a single sitting. It is possible to try it if you wish, but you could struggle to complete the task and then feel demotivated. Instead, it would be best if you aimed to complete 20 pages in a single sitting and then return to your book during your day.

You’ll notice that breaking down your reading into smaller chunks will make it easier to absorb more information. I struggle to read page after page sometimes. It’s an effective way of reading more books, and it will not cause you to burn out when you’re just getting to the point of starting.

Do you read faster or better?

The ability to read faster is something that every beginner reader tries to accomplish. Since the faster you read, the more books read. However, is it better to focus on reading faster rather than improving your reading?

For students who are new to reading, It is recommended not to put reading speed into multiple aspects. This can hinder your ability to comprehend the text. What’s the purpose of the assignment if you aren’t able to understand. It’s better to start slowly and then try to master every word of the text you’ve ever read (or imagine you’re reading fiction). Then, with practising, you will accelerate your reading speed.

Factors That Affect Reading Time

Certain vital elements influence the time spent reading for every person I know, such as background knowledge vocabulary, active reading habits, critical thinking level, etc. Let’s briefly examine these factors.


In conclusion, the short answer to how long to complete 100 pages may differ wildly based on many variables. Still, the simple answer is that, on average, 100 pages could be completed in 2 hours and 45 mins. How fast you can read more quickly or take longer is a matter of your training and other external factors.

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