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how many levels in candy crush

What is the number of levels Candy Crush has in total at present? This is among the most frequent among thousands of players, both newbies and veterans. More than just completing the test (which very few people can claim, even though it’s online), It is possible that the question arises due to curiosity or because the game isn’t reaching an end. Many are wondering if they’ll succeed in reaching the final link.

Candy Crush is now an example of a mobile game, and several similar games replicate some of its features. The powerful company, purchased by Microsoft, has focused on making it more modern and providing its loyal players with all the required features to keep them entertained for longer.

What Is Candy Crush All About?

Candy Crush is a tile-matching puzzle game created by King. The game’s players have to reach the objective of the game, which usually involves scoring points with fixed moves or collecting a certain number of candy candies without using all of the moves.

Like other tile-matching games, players swap candies to form rows or columns with three or more matching candies. The more matches you make, the higher points will earn for every move.

While playing, some candies have unique abilities on the board that is activated by smashing them with other Candy with similar colors. For example, the color bomb candy provides a different color for the eight other candies. Each level completed adds to your total score and stars.

Candy Crush – A Quick Introduction

Candy Crush is a tile-matching video game invented by Swedish game designer “King,” who created the game in 2012. The player has to complete levels with goals, including getting a specific number of points within a predetermined timeframe.

In this game, players swap two candy candies on the board, forming columns that contain at least three identical colored candies. The more matches created, the more points the players earn for each move they make during the round.

During the game, “power” candies may appear on the board with special powers that are activated by crushing them with a set of Candy that contains some or all of the colors.

What are the levels there in Candy Crush?

Candy Crush has been helping players have fun since.
There are currently 12320 levels total in 822 episodes of the HTML5 (mobile) version of Candy Crush Saga, with 90 more levels available on the Windows 10 App.

Certain players even have more levels they can test through, thanks to the frequent testing that Candy Crush periodically does in the game.

Therefore, if you just played Candy Crush from the time you get up until you go to bed each day, you won’t be out of levels for months, if not years — as some long-time players can attest.

To keep things interesting To keep things fresh, King has a variety of Candy Crush level types to provide players with. Each puts a unique twist on the traditional “match-three” structure to make levels slightly different.


Every stage type has its challenges. It was all dependent on how challenging the stages were. At the finish line, each stage will have you thinking through the various levels. The difficulty isn’t always the level you are playing, but the amount of patience you have is essential in finding out how to get through each stage.


Although each obstacle comes with its challenges, I’m likely to vote on the machines that make chocolate the most annoying because removing them is impossible. They always find a way to cover up your next step with chocolate!


The well-known game Candy Crush has over 2,000 levels, meaning plenty of content is available to keep players interested for an extended period of time.

Indeed, some players have been playing this game for a long time and aren’t at the point of no return.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting or seeking something new to try; Candy Crush is a fantastic game that can keep your attention for hours.

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