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How To Activate American Express Gift Card and checking your Card Balance

This is the ultimate tutorial on activating American Express Gift Cards and the balance. American Express Gift Card gives you unlimited possibilities, from online shopping to eating out at the best restaurants. Before you embark on your shopping spree, you must activate the card and verify the account balance.

American Express Gift cardholders who’ve received their card must activate it to use it for the first time. They can initiate the activation process by visiting the Amex Gift Card official website at The site is safe and secure to browse. Beyond activation, customers can view the balance on their card, control the account online, check the transactions list and much more. In this article, we’ll discuss the Amex gift card activation procedure.

These Amex Gift Cards are issued by American Express Prepaid Card Management Corporation and are accepted practically anywhere American Express Cards are received within the United States. These cards cannot be utilized in ATMs or for recurring billing.

Two Ways To Check AMEX Gift Card Balance

Verifying the balance of your Amex card’s balance is easy.

1. You can call the number on the back of the gift card. The customer service representative will call you back, and your gift card’s serial number is needed and utilized to check its balance.

2. Check your current balance by visiting the AMEX balance checker’s site. Check the balance checker’s page with your gift card numbers; a security code of 3 digits is required. The security code is located on the packaging of the gift card.

What can you do to verify the balance on your Amex Gift Card balance:

1. Visit:

2. Log in using the 15-digit gift card number, expiration date, and security code.

3. For registration, fill in the email you use to sign up (optional).

4. click “Sign In” after checking the box for verification.

5. You can also dial +888-846-4308 to connect with Amex Customer Service.

What’s wrong with my American Express user ID work with is a distinct site that has its user ID and password. Thus, you will need your American Express user ID, which cannot be used to log into the site. After creating your username and password through, You can log into the site and look up past orders placed on or after July 17, 2018. You can alter personal information and create an address book to record future purchases.

Types Of AMEX Gift Cards

There are three kinds of AMEX gift cards: Standard, Personalized and promotional AMEX gift cards.

Different types of AMEX Gift cards

1. Personalized AMEX Gift Cards:

Being able to customize AMEX gift cards can be like being able to create your gift card. It’s true; however, the personalized cards offer that unique feel. If you’re looking to express the love of your loved ones or create a special gift, personalization is essential. You can select your images, fonts and words to make your donation unique. You can create art using the gift you give, created with lots of passion and imagination.

2. Standard AMEX Gift Cards

Standard AMEX gift cards are among the most popular ones available for gifts. There are the physical or digital versions, which means you can choose. Choose a traditional physical card, or keep up-to-date with the digital ones. And this is the best part: gift cards are very flexible! For any occasion you can think of – birthdays, anniversaries, or other holiday celebrations- they’ve got your gift back. The guests get to choose their gifts, which means you win for all.

3. Promotional AMEX Gift Cards:

Promoting AMEX gifts is among the most popular in gift card sales! They’re not meant for gifting but are designed to boost brands while increasing the number of customers on board. Think of them as sly agents who sneak into the hands of lucky customers via brand promotions and fantastic giveaways. AMEX uses these cards to keep everyone excited, interested, and captivated by their business.

In which location can you make use of the AMEX gift card?

AMEX gift cards can be used anywhere. It could be used by merchants in the United States, such as mail-order telephone or mail-order merchants. Be aware that transactions made using an AMEX gift card allowed for purchases at merchants in the United States and Columbia District. Furthermore, it is essential to note that an eGift card cannot substitute for physical cards.

How to activate it? AMEX gift card

In most cases, the AMEX gift card will be readily available, particularly when you purchase the card through If not, you can use the card to activate it by going online and logging on to the AMEX gift card website using the card information. It is also possible to start the card by calling the toll-free number printed on the card’s reverse. The caller will need to enter the security code on the back of the card, along with the card’s code and the date of validity.

How to Activate Your American Express Gift Card

The American Express Gift Card can be activated within a brief duration. A majority of Amex gift cards do not require activation. However, should one need to be started, it can be done quickly by visiting their official website or calling the contact number at the bottom of your Amex Gift Card.

Activating Online Via official website

There are only a couple of steps for you to make sure that you activate the American Express Gift Card online on the company’s official site. For managing and activating your card, visit the official site and follow these easy steps.

Input the 15-digit number of your card without spaces

Provide the Expiration Date

Input the four-digit security number on the back of the Amex present card.

Input the email you use to sign up (optional).

Perform the Captcha

Fill in your details; then, you’re done with the registration process and activation of the card. Amex present card.

Why Should I Get, or Gift, an American Express Gift Card?

An Amex gift card can be an elegant gift. Everybody is familiar with the famous American Express logo. Beyond the sleek look, American Express gift cards can be used in various ways and offer numerous benefits.

Rewarding: This is an excellent option to show appreciation to your clients, employees or business associates, educators, and graduate students. American Express cards feel more elegant than commercial or retail gift cards. You can give someone a bit of elegance.

Flexible: American Express cards can be bought between $5 and $1,000 in any denomination.

It’s easy to use your Amex card in stores and vendors who will accept American Express cards – both on the internet and in stores.

Easy: There is no requirement to sign up for the American Express card number online and connect it to your business or home corporate email address. This registration requirement previously required is no longer necessary.

eGift Cards and physical gift card choices. It is possible to purchase a physical or electronic gift card.

How can I activate my American Express gift card?

Contact the number on the back of your card to activate the card over the telephone. On the reverse of your card, there will be a telephone number starting with 1-800 or 1-888. If you don’t have an Internet connection, dial this number to verify your credit card.

How can I find the balance of my gift card?

Begin by studying the reverse of the gift card. In most cases, you’ll see a toll-free number to dial to find the amount of your account. You can also see your balance online by going to the issuer’s website and entering your card’s 16-digit code along with the security code.

How can I ensure my gift card is active?

Use the link at the top of the card. Enter the ID number on the card, the activation code, or PIN. When the gift card is sent by email to you, then use the activation code instead. You can activate the gift card by calling instead. Look for the activation sticker on the card’s front, dial the provided number and go through the automated instructions to finish the procedure.

Final Thoughts

There is no need to make an activation request for the American Express gift card if you purchase it through Amex. You may need to do it if you buy it at a retail store. However, it’s an excellent practice to ensure it’s working.

To activate an American Express gift card, visit, enter your card details, perform the Captcha, and sign in. After you’ve signed in, you’ll also be able to check the balance.

If you’re not planning to sign up for the American Express gift card online, You can activate it by calling the 1-800- or 1-888 numbers on the reverse side of your card.

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