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How to Activate eSIM on iPhone 15 : Using Dual SIM with an eSIM

An eSIM can be described as a SIM card that is already on your phone and ready to activate. There are no tiny plastic cards, and there is no need to poke your phone with a clip. Everything is digital, and you can be connected no matter where you travel by simply pressing or scanning codes. Travelers will find it to be their excellent companion, making it simple to remain connected no matter where you travel.

However, how do they work?

In this tutorial and guide, we’ll show you how to set up internationally-based eSIMs when you travel. We’ll explain how to connect it to iPhones and Androids and provide suggestions for SIMs from abroad. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or thinking about your next travel adventure, the following article will help keep you connected easily.

What Is eSIM on the iPhone 15?

Unlike an actual SIM card, an eSIM is a virtual SIM card installed on your mobile. Instead of installing an actual SIM card inside your smartphone, the carrier will provide you with an eSIM card. Scan the code to enable eSIM on your iPhone.

Once you have done this, yoconnectl connect instantly to the latesdo. This can be useful for travelers who travel internationally because the iPhone 15 iPhone 15 is dual eSIM fully compatible. You can, therefore, use many providers from various countries to guarantee that you will have the perfect experience.

How do you get an eSIM to use with your iPhone?

If you’re creating an eSIM account on the internet, your provider will probably require you to provide additional details about your iPhone, such as the IMEI2 and EID numbers. Find them here.

Step 1. To access your iPhone, go to Settings. Settings app.

Step 2: Select General.

Step 3: Select About. Your EID will be listed in the section that contains the Wi-Fi password and your Bluetooth address. Your IMEI2 should be in the lower part, just below the information about your current service provider.

4. You may transfer either of these numbers onto the clipboard, allowing you to quickly insert them in your mail, text message, or online forms. To do this, click and hold the area until the Copy button is displayed. Select it.

Utilize “transfer from nearby iPhone.”

This is a good opportunity if you’re buying an eSIM-compatible iPhone and want to transfer the phone number from the previous iPhone onto your new iPhone. This is particularly useful for those who purchased a solely eSIM iPhone 14/14 PRO from the US and need to transfer their existing SIM into an electronic SIM.

To make this method work, it is necessary to use iOS 16 or later on both of your devices (yes, you must indeed be switching between iPhone and iPhone), and your service provider should allow this method (it is, in most situations). If this method isn’t working, check out method 02 below:)

In your brand-new iPhone :

Go to Settings > Cellular > Add Cellular Plan. Another option is to go to the Settings tab, Mobile Data, and Add an eSIM.

Choose the “Transfer From Nearby” option “Transfer from Nearby iPhone” feature (If this feature isn’t present, you can follow Method 02 by using the QR code)

Be sure that each of your iPhones has iOS 16 or later and includes Bluetooth.

After that, follow the directions on the screen to input all the required information. Then, you’ll have to input an authentication code displayed on the brand new iPhone in the older iPhone.

After you’ve filled in the required details, your provider will email you a confirmation to finish the setup. Follow the directions in the email to set up your new electronic SIM.

At this moment, the phone line will have been moved from the old iPhone to the new iPhone and has been re-established via an E-SIM. If the phone line was installed on the physical SIM card in your old device, it is possible to safely buy with your old SIM card that is inactive and useless 🙂

How can I get my eSIM to my iPhone?

There are several methods to get an electronic SIM up and functioning. An internet connection is required to be established.

If you bought your brand new iPhone through and have chosen eSIM, turn on your newly purchased iPhone and follow the screen instructions as part of setting up to download the eSIM.

Suppose you’ve received an eSIM package (this has a printed QR code), scan it. The details stored within it will enable us to link the eSIM number to your mobile with security and safety.

For setting up your eSIM, you must use an eSIM Pack.

go into Settings > Mobile Data

Choose Add to Data. Select Add Data

Use your camera to scan the QR code on your eSIM, and when it is recognized, you can confirm the scan using the Add Data Plan button.

If you’ve purchased an eSIM to use with a SIM-only plan from us and are able to download your eSIM when you log into EE, follow the steps in your confirmation email.

Discover more About Dual SIM status icons.

The icons on the status bar at the top of your screen display the signal strength of your two wireless carriers.

There are more icons for status when you launch Control Center.

If Carrier 1 is in use, The other line will show No Service.

The status bar indicates that the device has been connected to Wi-Fi, and Carrier 2 is with Wi-Fi calling.

If you turn on Allow Cellular Data Switching, the status bar will show that Carrier 1 is with 5G and Carrier 2 is with the mobile data of Carrier 1 and has Wi-Fi calling turned on.

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