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how to activate esim on iphone

Your days with an actual SIM card are now over. Apple introduced the iPhone 14 models in the US exclusively via eSIM and threw the physical SIM cards, and we can anticipate future models to follow in its footsteps of.

While eSIM may not be an entirely new idea, Apple is swimming against the trend of not having the SIM tray in the latest iPhones.

The announcement sparked several concerns from users who said it is challenging to utilize new iPhones while traveling in developing nations. Apple has since released the support documentation that details various options for using eSIM with the latest iPhones.

E-SIMs are embedded SIMs that can be programmed. They are a secure method of activating carriers on phones since it isn’t lost or taken. Also, it eliminates the requirement to carry around, purchase, or swap physically SIM cards. Apple launched eSIM on the iPhone XS and each iPhone version after is compatible with the virtual SIM card. The top Android phones have also come with eSIM features for a long time.

What exactly is an electronic SIM?

SIMs were developed in the time of flip phones as well as before, providing an external piece of circuitry that was impossible to control on the devices that were available during the day. The modern iPhone, iPad, or similar Android or other gadgets require the SIM to feed the existing mobile infrastructure.

An eSIM remains a part of technology, however, it’s incorporated into a smartphone or tablet and is capable of being reprogrammed. It is essentially able to load information needed to connect with a mobile network like an external card that has a fixed identity built in. The carriers must update their networks to use the eSIMs for activation as well as integration into their billing systems. However, they can use eSIMs to fulfill the same purpose.

How do I activate the iPhone 14 eSIM via eSIM Quick Transfer?

Carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, C Spire, or U.S. Cellular allow users to enable eSIMs on their iPhone 14 directly during and following setup. The steps below to find out how you can activate an eSIM for your iPhone 14 for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc..

You can activate eSIMs to your iPhone 14 during the setup

It is possible to activate eSIM on the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 with the aid of the physical SIM card that you had on your older iPhone. Set your old iPhone as well as your iPhone 14 next to one another, and then connect them via a stable wireless network.

Step 1. Create your new iPhone until you’re greeted by the Set up screen. Tap Transfer to another iPhone.

  1. Select the line that you would like to transfer to your iPhone 14 > When prompted to select Transfer SIM to Your iPhone 14.
  2. Step 3. On your present iPhone you can enter the number displayed on iPhone 14 Click twice on the button on the left side of your older iPhone to verify.
  3. Then, wait for the activation process to complete > tap to continue on your iPhone 14 and complete the setting procedure.

After that when it is done, the physical SIM card that you have on your iPhone will not work the eSIM you have installed on your iPhone 14 is ready to be used.

Activate eSIM on iPhone after setup

If you’ve set up iPhone 14 or need to activate multiple eSIMs The steps listed below will aid you to activate your iPhone 14 eSIM from the Settings application.

Step 1. If you have an iPhone 14 go to the Settings app, then locate and tap Cellular, and then tap Set up Cellular. If you’re making additional lines available it is possible to add eSIM.

  1. Follow the directions for activating your E-SIM.

Make use of the Carrier’s app

Some carriers don’t support any of the above methods to enable an eSIM for your iPhone however, you may utilize their apps to enable an electronic SIM. The eSIM cannot be activated by setting up the iPhone using this method.

You can visit the App Store and search your service’s application. After that, click “Get” to install the application.

Start the app, and then log in to your mobile account. After that, you will find an option to activate your eSIM in the app and follow the instructions. Because the interface and procedure for various carrier applications can differ and therefore, there is no way to provide the same guideline across all carriers.

After that, click the “Add Cellular plan” option on the page of settings that appears.

If your provider doesn’t have the option to activate eSIM You’ll have to reach them and request them to allow you to activate your eSIM.

Physical SIMs to an eSIM

If your provider allows it, you might be able to alter the features of the plan you have chosen, and you can use an eSIM rather than a physically-based SIM and all from one iPhone. In contrast to the earlier explanation, which is part of a transfer, it could do this from only one iPhone in certain situations.

How do you transform an actual SIM to an eSIM using the identical iPhone
Open Settings then Mobile Data.
If your provider supports the option, then select Convert to an eSIM.
Tap Convert Mobile Data Plan.
Tap Convert to an eSIM.
After the transfer is complete Once the transfer has completed, you can remove your physical SIM.

Bonus: Update Cellular Plan Label

Once the eSIM has been activated after activation, it can be labeled for easy identification. The default labels are “Business”, “Travel” and “Cellular Data” However, you can label the label however you like when you tap “Cellular Label Plan” and then enter the name in the CUSTOM Label field.

The thing you choose to use it for should help distinguish it from all other SIM/eSIMs.

Tips: When using travel-related eSIMs including a flag of the country Emoji on the front of your phone is an effective method of marking.

Utilize an eSIM Mobile Data (Internet)

If you are using an eSIM to access Cellular Data, simply turn on the Cellular Plan by toggling on “Turn On This Line” and setting it to “Cellular Data”.

That’s it.

What is the best place to purchase an eSIM for iPhone?

It is possible to contact your current provider to request an electronic SIM. In the area, where you live and where you are, there will be some carriers that accept eSIM.

Can I make use of a physical SIM and eSIM simultaneously?

Absolutely. If you’re iPhone includes the physical SIM slot, it is possible to make use of only one physical SIM as well as 1 eSIM simultaneously.

Can eSIM function without an internet connection?

An internet connection is required for activation of an eSIM, except if you have an iPhone that does not have a physical SIM tray. After activation, you can make use of the eSIM with or without the internet.

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