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How to Add a Catalog in WhatsApp Business

It’s possible that you already utilize WhatsApp Business to book appointments and offer additional customer support or stay in contact with your clients. It’s time to figure out the most efficient way to use WhatsApp to boost business sales. We’ll start by figuring out how to build a product catalog for WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp’s catalog feature lets you display your product directly on the application. You can add items, categorize them into various categories, and prepare detailed information about them. This makes it simpler for customers to locate the item they’re looking for.

What do you mean by a What is a WhatsApp Business catalog?

An WhatsApp Business catalog can allow firms to display their products or services to prospective customers via WhatsApp. This feature provides companies with a platform to post complete information on their goods or services. This includes the title or name of the item and price, as well as a description, a link to the website, and the product’s code.

There are two methods to build a WhatsApp Business catalog. Both can be done with the no-cost WhatsApp Business App and via API for the WhatsApp Catalog API. This blog is primarily on the Catalogcatalog created by the WhatsApp Business catalog, available through the free application.

How to Create a Collection in WhatsApp Shopping Catalog

If you deal with diverse types of products, collections can be a fantastic option for organizing your Catalog through WhatsApp.

In the catalog manager, choose to add a new collection.

Input the name of your collection. In this particular instance, I’ve chosen Fiction for my bookstore:

When you’ve picked the products to add to your selection, they must get approval from your WhatsApp team. This shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes, but it could be a bit more time-consuming.

Your collection will show up on the front page of your Catalog. It will appear according to the following:

That’s it! You now have a streamlined list of goods your customers and contacts can peruse whenever they go to your WhatsApp account.

How do you send the contents of a WhatsApp Business catalog?

When you have created a catalog, customers will need to discover it. The best way to do that find it is to share the Catalog with them.

These are steps you can take to make your Catalog available to your customers who are on desktop or mobile:

Choose a potential customer or prospect you would like to send the catalog via the WhatsApp Business application.

When in the chat, choose the Attachment feature and select “Catalog.”

Select the Catalog using the menu options

You can send the Catalog. Make a note of your message if you would like to

You may also be able to share a WhatsApp catalog with users who are interested via a hyperlink. Check out the instructions below and learn what you can do.

Then, follow the steps listed above.

Choose “share link” from the alternatives that are listed.

After you have selected which method to post the link to, such as text message (SMS), Email, or WhatsApp, your customers will be able to browse the catalog directly via the URL.

What is the perfect way to purchase from the Catalog?

Once we are in the app and look at a shCatalogtalog, we will see details about the store’s products, like the item’s description and cost, the buy link, or even the option to contact the business.

If we want to make purchases, we are presented with two choices. The second is a purchase link. This hyperlink should lead you to an online shop where the product is, and you’ll be able to purchase it from there.

Another opportunity you have is to write a letter to the company. This appears like an icon: when you click it, we can email the company, indicating our interest in the item we saw in their catalog.

SelCataloggoods via WhatsApp your business today!

We want to demonstrate WhatsApp catalogs together. For businesses in the early stages, catalogs are a powerful device that can help companies procure an advantage over the competition. Suppose you’d like to set up an online catalog to increase sales and improve your reputation. In that case, Gallabox can help you create a beautiful, skillful, and compliant catalog to showcase your product. Gallabox delivers fully-fledged WhatsApp business solutions in various industries and can benefit from creating a successful and complete marketing plan together with WhatsApp catalogs. Therefore, join us now to get started with our application.

Have Everything Set for Your WhatsApp Catalog

The WhatsApp Business Catalog is valuable for every business that wants to increase customer engagement and sales. It comes with a friendly interface and other advanced capabilities that allow you to create an online storefront for your company on WhatsApp.

The Catalog offers Catalogdia content, customizable templates, and personalized communications. This makes it an excellent tool for creating connections with customers, staying ahead of your competition in sales, boosting sales, and efficiently attaining marketing objectives.

How Many Catalogs Can Be Added to WhatsApp Business

Ans. It isn’t clear if there’s a reference to a limit to the number of catalogs placed on your company profile. A catalog could include up to 500 products.

Is WhatsApp Business Catalog Free?

Ans. It is a free service for every business. It also has the feature of a premium version for those who want to use more options. Premium versions include options like multi-agent support and the WhatsApp website.

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