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How to Add Bio on Discord

Social media is now the new way to gain followers and fans. TikTok is taking this to new levels because it boasts an incredible number of active users daily. In addition, if you’re already connected to TikTok, you could use it to direct users towards your Discord server by adding the clickable link to your bio.

While it is often viewed as a platform for social media that is distinct from other popular platforms, the Discord platform has been growing daily. In addition to combining Discord as a gaming and streaming platform, people now recognize how effective it could be. It’s possible to establish your area of expertise and position yourself as an authority, with the potential of making money from your business.

How to Customize Your About Me Bio on the Discord Web App

To customize your Discord profile on your desktop:

Start Discord with the Discord application, or go to Discord online and log in to your account.

Click the Cog icon in the lower left corner next to your username. This will open the User Settings for Discord.

From the Settings menu, choose”User Profile.” The User Profile option is in the left-hand sidebar.

Find your About Me section. There, you can write about yourself in 190 characters.

Make use of the Emoji icon to create Discord Emojis in your bio. This includes personalized Emojis.

In addition, you can apply text formatting to make it bold by placing two Asterisks (*) in front of and behind the text or by adding a single punctuation mark () between and before the text to highlight it.

After you’ve finished, you can save your changes by clicking the Save Changes button.

How to Add/Change About Me Info on Discord Mobile App

For adding a bio on your Discord profile in the app for mobile:

1. Launch the Discord mobile application and log in to your account if you haven’t signed in yet.

2. On the bottom bar, press the Profile icon to launch the User Settings.

3. Select the User Profile feature from the page for User Settings.

4. There is an About Me text box to include your personal information within the 190-character limit.

5. Unlike the web-based app, however, it’s impossible to access Discord emoticons on your mobile. This means that you are not able to make use of the customized Emojis. However, you can make use of system emojis via your keyboard.

6. Like desktops, Discord allows you to use Discord markdown format for text. For example, adding**) should be added before and after the text to highlight the text. Add one asterisk (*) between and after the text to italicize the text.

7. When done, tap the Save icon to the far left to save any changes.

How do I connect the Discord URL to the Instagram hyperlink in the bio?

Let’s take our next stage after you’ve learned all the specifics of locating and transferring Links from your Discord account. Let’s see how to add those hyperlinks to your Instagram URL in the bio.

Take these steps to put the URL on your Instagram account:

Log into your Instagram account. Find the Edit button, and then select it.

Click the Add Link feature.

Copy the URL of your Telegram Chat into the URL field.

Make a caption for your website link, if required.

Click on the tick to save your Changes.

This is how simple it is to add an account link on your Discord server or your profile for your Instagram bio. While it appears pretty straightforward, there may be some difficulties with going about it.

Interacting with your followers on both platforms

Engaging with your followers in Discord and TikTok is vital to building an enduring and dedicated community. A way to increase participation is to develop distinct material specifically tailored to the respective platforms, allowing people to connect with you in various ways. For example, on TikTok, it is possible to show behind-the-scenes footage or brief updates with videos; on Discord, it is possible to hold interactive Q&A events or other special events that connect your followers in real time.

A different strategy that works is to promote cross-platform interactions by directing your TikTok users to sign up on your Discord server to get exclusive material and chats. This will improve the connection between you and your followers and enable people to network with similar community members. When you are active and engaging across the two platforms, you demonstrate how much you value your followers’ feedback, which is dedicated to giving them a valuable and pleasurable experience. This could lead to a rise in customer loyalty and a committed following that is eager to help your material on various platforms.


To personalize the look of your Discord profile, first launch Discord locally on your device. Then, go through “User Settings” by clicking the gear symbol. Then, you can modify or add your profile’s “Avatar,” “Bio,” and “Username” by following the steps-by-step process. The guide provided a variety of methods to personalize your Discord profile on your PC.

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