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How To Air Fry Bacon

We are awestruck by Air Fryer Recipes like Air Fryer Chicken Wings, Not just because they cook quicker but also turn out extremely crispy, requiring little to no oil. If you’re craving crispy Bacon, this recipe is perfect for you!

Air fryers are far more straightforward to prepare than baking on the stove or using the oven since it’s fast, easy to clean, and doesn’t require you to design the stove beforehand. The ultimate BLT Sandwich in half the time.


6-rashers bacon streaky or three rashers Bacon back



The Bacon should be laid out on a single sheet in the center of the air fryer. Make sure that the layers aren’t overlying. The dimension of the basket determines the number of rashers you can cook in one go.


Adjust the temperature of your air fryer up to 200C and cook bacon rashers with streaks between 6 and 10 minutes. Just-cooked Bacon takes 6 minutes, but crisper Bacon lasts 9-10 minutes. Based on your preferences, back bacon rashers are cooked in 4-8 minutes. If cooking in batches, remember that the following collection should be faster because the air fryer has been heated.


Take the Bacon out with tongs before placing it on a kitchen towel for draining before serving.

How to Cook Bacon in the Air Fryer

Here’s how you cook Bacon using an air fryer. Notably, I cooked a 12-ounce package of Bacon from Trader Joe’s in two separate batches.
It’s a 12 oz package and contains eleven slices. FYI. Be confident and be aware of the kind of Bacon (i.e., the thickness of the Bacon) the Bacon you use, as it could significantly impact the cooking duration. The slices are more heavy-cut Bacon. Thin Bacon is likely to require shorter cooking times.

The method of cooking is easy. Start by placing bacon pieces in the basket for air-frying in one layer. It is okay to fold them in a few places. However, be careful to keep the pan manageable.

Cook time for Bacon cooked in an air fryer and temperature

How long should you cook Bacon in the air? Ten minutes at 400° F can do the trick. It was interesting to look halfway through to check what needed to be relocated.

Tongs can be handy for this purpose. Truly the Bacon expands quite some when it is cooked.
Please take a look after 10 minutes, then see whether you’d like it further done. It’s pretty good, so I took an additional minute and a half. This was just perfect!

I used the tongs to lay the bacon slices that were air-fried on towels. Then, I wipe off any grease left over.


  • Shaking the dish occasionally during cooking is recommended to ensure the crispest, fluffy consistency.
  • Pre-heat the air fryer to ensure more crispness
  • To keep away dirt and grease build-up, wash following each use

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