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How To Be A Player

Every man at one time in their life has had a dream of becoming a famous “player” – the man who has a wide selection of women. Currently, numerous resources are available to help you become a successful player. Why aren’t more guys out there who have the ladies they want?

First, you must realize that most men think that the capacity to be a professional athlete is something you can acquire or lack. It’s inherent for them, and because they aren’t “have it,” they’re forced to take what happens to them.

How to Be a Player

If you’re serious about learning to become an athlete and gaining endless sex, love, and affection from ladies, do not leave my site until you have learned my secrets.

I’m Dan Bacon, and I transformed from a casual, nice guy to a confident, alpha male who has been living a player’s life for over ten years.

How did I do it?

My goal is to make women feel attracted to me in an interaction based on my conversation style, body language, and impression.

I usually have sexual relations with women on the first night or my first date. After that, I don’t bother calling them.

Yes, that’s right.

If you want to become an athlete, go out with the woman and refrain from calling or texting her.

Let her chase after you when the sex and you continue to have an affair with the females in your world.

How To Get A Woman To Like You: Why It’s Not Important For Being A Player

Being a participant means that you are slightly isolated emotionally. The more emotional bond you share with a woman, the more effective in this case. It lowers the likelihood of her acquiring the wrong impression.

The most important thing you don’t want is to have a woman think you’re in a romantic relationship while you’re playing.

Keep things as casual as you can as much as you can. The stronger the emotional bond you establish more of a risk is for a dramatic scenario.

Experts can steer clear of topics such as relationships, but making women want to be involved. The key is that she’ll stay if the sexual attraction is great.


Drayton “Dray” Jackson (Bill Bellamy), the A&R agent at Def Jam Recordings, is an unassuming playboy with one goal: to have sex with the most women possible. He fantasizes about being accused of a cheating scandal with his girlfriend Lisa (Lark Voorhies) but then awakes from his dream to remind him not to get found guilty. The women he is sleeping with are kept secret from Lisa, who has come to his home for a few minutes to talk to him before leaving for work. His sister, Jenny (Natalie Desselle), is also at his home to remind him of the cooking party. Dray gets enthralled by Jenny’s girlfriend Katrina (Mari Morrow) inviting her to a gathering a friend of his is hosting. she informs him she’s working.

Jenny is not happy with Dray’s manner of treating women. Once Dray goes away, she and Katrina look around and discover Dray’s black phone book with his female companions. Jenny plans to put Dray up for the evening in a hostile setting and hopes that Dray will be caught and, if found guilty, change his behavior. When Jenny and Katrina contact the women and get their numbers, both go home.

Not a simple read

This is a lengthy and detailed guide. It’s nearly 10,000 words. If you’re bored, return to this later. This isn’t a “short read” or something meant to be read. This is the entire method you can follow to become a professional and include a variety of ladies in your world.

However, enough of the introduction. If you’re here, you’re likely already convinced and want to learn how to become an athlete. That’s fine. I’ll go over key game rules and the steps needed to become a successful player.


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