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How To Block Adults Websites on Google Chrome

Your child is experiencing the midst of mental, physical, and psychological changes. As the addiction to alcohol and drugs, your child can be hooked on pornographic material. It all starts with the curiosity of a child.

Particularly during the COVID outbreak, you can’t just stop your children from using the Internet to entertain themselves and learn, and that’s why parents have to have the right expertise and the necessary skills to quickly and effectively combat this problem.

How to block adult websites on your computer

If you’re a parent who wants to safeguard your child from sites that aren’t suitable for children or want to ensure that the computers you work on are not used for personal reasons, SurfBlocker can assist. If you’re going to stop the streaming of porn onto your devices, SurfBlocker can make it simple to do so.

Many people are concerned about the adverse effects of pornography, and numerous parents are looking to ensure their children aren’t exposed to videos and images as young as they are. From the addiction aspect or unrealistic notions of relationships, There are plenty of concerns about porn.

This is the reason it’s logical to use an application like SurfBlocker so that you can restrict porn sites from your devices. This way, you can ensure that your child will not access any areas that aren’t considered appropriate for their age. This is the type of thing that will give parents SecuritySecurity.

How to block adult websites within Google Chrome On Android

There are a variety of methods to block these websites on Chrome. Here’s a list of the best, reliable and straightforward ways to accomplish it. If it is secured on the Chrome browser, users won’t be in a position to access it. These methods have been proven to be genuine and effective. Help your child now by making the correct decision.

Google Chrome offers incredible privacy features. The security options provided by Google Chrome are entirely free and available. All you need to do is include the URLs of all websites you wish that need to be blocked, and then you’re done.

Take these actions:

Start Google Chrome, go to the settings.

Go to the Network Settings. Then, go to modify the Proxy Settings.

The websites will be displayed. Select Security.

Select “Restricted Sites.” Click on the ‘Sites’ tab.

Then, you can add the URLs of the sites you want to block.

Save the changes, then re-open Chrome.

Your child won’t be exposed now to those websites today.

Switch off Google SafeSearch on

SafeSearch is one of the Google Chrome parental control settings that can assist in filtering out harmful content (e.g., over 18 websites, violent websites, and videos with explicit content) in Chrome from the results. While it’s not 100 100% precise, SafeSearch plays a specific role in blocking adult sites in Google Chrome for immature audiences.

Block inappropriate search results on Google instead of blocking access to sites with inappropriate content

1. Go to Google’s homepage. Google homepage.

2. Select Settings in the upper right-hand corner.

3. Select the Search settings option on the pop-up menu.

4. Make sure you check the Turn on SafeSearch box to turn on SafeSearch filters.

blocking porn from chrome using SafeSearch 01

5. Click Save.

There was a “Lock SafeSearch” option available to users who had signed in. After the option Lock SafeSearch was turned on, your children could not change the Google Chrome parental control setting, and Google disabled this feature.

Add Restrictions to Google Chrome

If you don’t want to use any third-party tools available, the free options are right here to help. You can easily block adult websites on Chrome by using the restrictions feature in Google Chrome, and all you have to do is add all URLs of websites manually that you wish to stop. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome and navigate to Settings by pressing the 3-dot icon on the right side of the. Click Advanced and Open Proxy Settings and System.

Step 2. When your Internet Properties screen is open, Navigate to the tab for SecuritySecurity. Select the Restricted option Websites. Click on the tab “Sites.”

Step 3: A brand new Restricted Sites window will appear after this step. The only thing you need to do is enter all adult website URLs by hand that you wish to stop. Then, tap “Add.”

The fourth step is to save all changes made and then re-open Google Chrome, which will stop the blocking of adult websites.

How to block porn websites on Google Chrome for phones via Family Link

Google Family Link is a parental control feature by Google, which is a very effective method of parental control over Google Chrome. With this feature, parents can block adult websites and other unwelcome Google Chrome websites on their children’s devices.


Download your copy of the Google Family Link parent app for iPhone or Android phones.

Create an account on Google profile for the child you are raising.

You can customize parental controls.

In the Parent settings, click Filters for Google Chrome

Allow “Try to block sites that are mature.”

Click Manage website and then select Blocked. Now you can add all adult websites you wish to block.



Trustworthy products originate directly from Google its own.


The steps to set up are complex.

Only available on Android or Chromebooks.

Intelligent parents are always ready to provide the best for their children. To protect your child from the Internet’s porn sites for any internet-connected device your child uses, it is recommended to purchase a Wifi Device, becoming the first parents to get the technology that protects your children from dangerous websites. The best prices are always offered to early bird customers!

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