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how to block an artist on spotify

Spotify can stop an artist or a group of artists so that their music is not included in suggestions or selections. Even though Spotify is a great service for discovering new music, Swedish music service is excellent for discovering new music but every user has musicians whose songs they cannot take.

With this feature, the user of the service can disable the automatic playback of every artist on the chart, radio, or personal libraries in just only two steps.

When an artist is blocked from their tracks, they are no longer included in your recommendations and selections Except in certain instances where he is involved with another artist’s tracks.

How Do You Remove an Artist From Spotify On Desktop?

It is impossible to delete the musician from the Spotify account via either the desktop or web app however you can stop tracks from appearing on Discover Weekly. Discover Weekly playlist. Additional songs by that artist might appear in the future, which is why you must also block them. In the end, Spotify will be less likely to include that artist’s music in the Discover Weekly playlist.

How to delete the artist’s profile from Spotify for Desktop:

Start the Spotify desktop app, then select the Discover Weekly playlist.

You might have to scroll down to access this playlist. Discover Week playlist.

Choose a track from the artist you wish to get rid of, and then hit the cancel button (circle that has a – in the middle).

Click, I don’t want to like (artist).

If you need to stop the song you don’t like, just click Don’t Want (song).

Repeat the procedure for each track or artist you’d like to get rid of to remove, and Spotify will modify the playlist. Discover Weekly playlist over time.

How To Block an Artist in the Spotify App

In the past, we’ve mentioned that you can muffle the artist with the mobile application. The steps for how to do this:

Launch the Spotify application.

Look up the artist whom you would like to silence.

Tap the icon with three dots in the upper-right corner.

Click “Don’t play this.”

When you’ve finished the procedure the artist will not show as a playlist or in the suggested playlists.

Via Desktop

You may also remove users from accessing Spotify’s web version. Spotify website version. Here’s how:

Go to Spotify and select Search from the left-hand panel.
Enter the username of the user and then select the profile they have created.
Click on the 3 dots below their profile.
Click on Block.
Click Block on the confirmation screen.

How to Unblock an Artist on Spotify

Therefore, the playlist of blocked artists or tracks from Spotify can no longer be accomplished. Thus, you need to be aware of the artist’s name to remove them from your list.

This is how you can unblock an artist’s account on Spotify:

Search for the artist’s name on the Search tab. Select it from the results of the search payoff to view their page.
Then, tap the Block icon below the name of the artist to allow him to be unblocked.

You may also remove an artist’s music by tapping on the three dots menu beneath the artist’s name. You can then access the Options menu, and after that tap Allow to play the artist.

Following that, all the music of the artist can be played. In addition to blocking various reasons, that a song might not be playable on Spotify.

How to Block Artists on Apple Music

You can’t block the artist from Apple Music, either. You can vote on whether you want to love or dislike’ music on Apple Music. The algorithm considers the preferences in creating playlists that are that are based on your previous listening habits. However, it also requires users to “dislike” diverse tracks just like Pandora.

How to Block Artists on Tidal

Tidal lets you remove artists from artists and tracks on radio stations. Here’s how:

Check out the artist’s Tidal profile.
Click the radio icon near their name.
You can play one of their tracks.
Hit the block button on the very bottom of “Now Playing.’

Is There A Definitive Way To Block Artists On Desktop?

There’s currently no method to stop Spotify performers on the desktop version of the service like it does for iOS as well as Android devices.

At the moment is not clear if it will become a feature for desktops shortly. In 2017 Spotify declared that they would not implement the feature within the next few years.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Spotify?

Blocking people on Spotify is the newest option to offer you the most secure environment. It provides you with the ideal space and protects your privacy from undesirable users. You can store your personal information as well as the activities you engage in.

If you block someone from Spotify The person you block isn’t your follower or friend. They won’t be able to view your latest profile or your music collection. They’re not allowed to view your profile. This is why it’s a good feature if you discover somebody who’s indecent.

Will Blocked Artists Carry Over From App To Desktop?

The block feature and “don’t play this artist” feature is not transferable across devices. If you block an artist in an app like the iOS or Android app doesn’t necessarily mean that the artist won’t be able to play on Windows desktop or the web service.


Blocking an artist accidentally by accident on Spotify may disrupt your music experience However, resolving the issue is simple with our detailed tutorial.
Through a thorough understanding of common situations by ensuring credibility and accuracy by providing clear step-by-step instructions, increasing its value by providing extra suggestions, while maintaining the transparency of updates and variations We aim to enable users to allow their preferred artists with ease.
Make sure that a small error doesn’t stop you from enjoying your music. Get access to those musicians and let music play freely!

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