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How To Block Calls On Android

This wiki will show users how to block incoming telephone calls on Android. Using regular Android phones, you can block calls with the dialer application. For Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel, you can completely block calls from incoming ones when you enable Do Not Disturb mode.

The best way to restrict calls from contacts on an Android Phone

Being contacted by harassers, spammers, scammers, and telemarketers isn’t the most enjoyable experience. But don’t fret. In addition to blocking specific contact numbers, Many Android phones also have a function that allows you to stop calls from numbers that do not appear on your contacts list. Furthermore, various third-party apps will help you solve the issue if your phone can’t support this feature.

The issue of blocking calls from contacts is different from one Android version to the next since manufacturers modify their versions of the Android OS to suit their requirements better. We’ll review what you must do in this process for several popular mobile phone models.

The Apple’s iOS

Suppose you are using iOS 13 or above. In that case, it is possible to redirect calls from companies or individuals you aren’t familiar with through Settings > Phone and turn off Silence for unknown callers. Callers whose numbers are not listed in your contact list, Siri suggestions, and any recent calls you have made are routed to your voicemail. The caller will be notified of the call following.

You may also channel texts from phone numbers not included on your contact list to separate lists. Navigate to Settings > Messages. Then, enable Filter Unknown senders.

If you want to block a phone caller for a call, you must open the Phone application and then tap Recent. Locate the phone number, then tap on the Info icon (it is shaped as a lowercase “i” in a circle). Scroll down and click to block this caller. If you confirm, calls from this number will be sent straight to voicemail.

How do you stop calls from unknown numbers from your Android phone

Step 1: Launch the Phone application on your Android phone.

Step 2: Tap on the More option.

Step 3: Next, select Settings and tap the Blocked number option.

Step 4: Now, you must turn on the unknown option.

When you turn on this feature When you turn this feature on, when you turn it on, the Phone application on your phone will stop calls coming from private or unidentified phone numbers. But you’ll continue receiving calls from numbers not included in your contact list.

These steps may vary slightly based on the phone’s model. If, for instance, you’re operating a Samsung smartphone, you could be required to perform one or two steps differently compared to using a Realme smartphone. This is why we have an additional step-by-step guide to guide you through the various interfaces for users easily.

Stopping a call

If you’re looking to block an incoming call when you’ve finished hanging up, you’ll need to know how to achieve it.


Open the Phone application or the Contacts application.

Find that person who you would like to stop. (If you received an unintentional call from a stranger, you can find it on the Recents tab on the Recents tab in your Phone application.)

Once on their page, you can press long-press to dial the telephone number.

If you’re using the Contacts app, you can block the number. On the phone, choose Block or report spam. In either case, you’ll be informed that you’ll not receive any messages or texts from that number. If you’d like, tick the box to mark the call as spam.


The procedure is like a Samsung phone.

Open the Phone application or the Contacts application.

Search for who you wish to ban. (If you received a recent phone call from someone you’ve never met, you will find it in the Recents tab on the Phone application.)

On the Contacts section of the Phone app or within the Contacts app, hold your phone number and then press Block.

On the Recents tab within your phone app, tap the phone number and click the info icon to open the number. You’ll see two choices on the bottom of the screen that allow you to stop and report the caller.

This is it. There should be no more calls from this number. If the person calling you is persistent and persistent, they may choose a different phone number to contact you on. But, with the best of luck, they’ll eventually grow bored of being ignored and disappear.

Learn to use Do Not Disturb mode.

Do Not Disturb has been available since the launch of Android Marshmallow in 2015. It allows it is possible to either for a short time (or forever) stop notifications from being sent to you. If you have Do Not Disturb on, setting different guidelines and timetables for your phone and muting notifications on certain people, times, or periods is possible.

The settings of DND are now well-defined so that it is possible to make an exception for various apps and scenarios. It’s ideal to have calm and peace anytime you require it while still allowing crucial notifications to get into your inbox.

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