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How to Block Sprint Family Locator on Android

If you or the members of your family have a Sprint connection, you ought to be aware of the Sprint family locater. It offers a cross-platform link to different devices and makes it simpler for parents to locate their children from afar. It is possible to visit the website on your desktop or the Sprint family locator application to accomplish similar things. However, parents can also search for third-party apps to control and supervise their children’s mobile smartphones. This guide shows you how Sprint Family Locator works and provides alternatives and alternative.

You need to add the phone numbers of the members of your family. It will display where they are currently located for the people whose phone numbers have been set. However, what should you do when you wish to turn off this feature? Sprint Family Locator?

In order to do this, just go through this article. If you read it all, you’ll surely find the answer. Just look over the article and remove this feature: Sprint Family Locator.

How to Block Sprint Family Locator on Android

To stop the sprint family locator from running on Android There are two straightforward strategies that you can use.

Turn off the GPS or Location

Enabling Location or GPS will benefit the Sprint Family Locator app by energetically blocking it from locating the device’s position.

Navigate to the Settings on your device.

Select the location opportunity.

Turn off the Location Services or GPS.

Uninstall Updates of the Sprint Family Locator

For this technique, you must take a few easy steps to disable it. Look over the instructions and adhere to them on the device that you have, the Sprint Family Locator.

Navigate to the settings of your mobile, by opening the Menu.

Then, go to the >Apps.

Now, swipe the display from left to right four times before coming to the All tab.

Locate it with the Sprint Family Locator app and tap it.

The following screen will appear next screen; click on the Remove Updates or Force Stop options one by one.

How do you completely deactivate tracker location for Android?

The most straightforward way to block your phone from following your Location is to turn off all location services. This can result in losing access to all applications and functions that rely on location services. You may also choose which specific services for Location to turn off (as there are many) as well as which apps are able to use your Location at all times as well and whether or not your history of Location can be stored. The options are broken into pieces.

1. Click on Settings, Then scroll down until Location.

2. Switch off Location use for turning off location services altogether.

The benefits of Sprint Family Locator

It is possible to find many good things about the method by which Sprint Family Locator has been constructed.

There is no need for an app for operation—Sprint Family Locator operates inside the Sprint network, together with towers and GPS. There is no need to install apps or any other software on the phone.

It’s possible to monitor up to five phone numbers in a single-family plan. If you’re a parent with diverse children, it’s no problem. You can put all phones on the same plan and monitor each separately.

Maps that are easy to read: The outcome appears clearly in the dashboard. It is possible to access the map from any device that is web-connected, including your phone. The map displays street names as well as details about Location, making locating the phone extremely easy.

It is protected by a password. You must sign up with a password to use the map, which offers some semblance of security. Secure your login, and you’ll remain the sole one to track your family.

Put an end to Google monitoring the Location of an Android device.

If you have a Google Pixel or a Samsung Galaxy, you can go to Settings. In the search box at the top of the screen, type Activity Controls and click it as it appears.

If you’re using a Galaxy device, you could end up on the More privacy settings page. Please search for the Activity controls, then press them. From this point, instructions are identical on both phones.

If you own multiple Google accounts, you can choose which account you wish to control.

As with the browser, you can turn off or deactivate the tracking of different activities, such as making auto-delete available and setting a timer for the activities you are involved in.

Can I Find My Phone Location by Number Online?

It is not possible to determine precisely where you are located on the phone simply by selecting the phone number online. Most of the mobile trackers can only reveal the Location of your registered phone. If you’ve lost the phone you have, it’s suggested to use the features built into the phone or your services provider.

How Do I Track a Family Member’s Phone?

The first step is to select the preferred application for tracking your family members from our top choices. After that, you can add a particular family member and tie his mobile to your own. Then, you’ll be able to make use of the tracker app to find them on the map. The Location will reflect the current or most recent Location as well as the exact time.

Can I Find My Phone With IMEI Number?

It is indeed possible to locate a stolen or lost phone with its IMEI code. Only authorized police agencies and providers are allowed to locate a lost or stolen phone with the IMEI number. The websites that provide IMEI tracking sites don’t offer any assistance to help you find your phone.

If you lose or have your smartphone stolen, it’s advised to report the loss to the local authorities in your area and provide them with your IMEI number. Then, they can work with authorities in the area and service providers to locate the phone.

How to Track Family Members on Google Maps?

Google Maps has a location-sharing function that lets you follow your family members once they share their locations with you. When you’re on Google Maps, access your “Profile” from the top-right right-hand corner. You’ll then find your family member’s present Location if they’re willing to share their address with you.

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