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How to block your number

You can use a private/blocked number to hide the caller identification from people you are calling. The benefits of hiding your caller ID are varied. Most of these benefits come from the extra layer of privacy provided by calling a number that is not displayed.

There are several possible reasons for blocking your phone when marking a call. If you wish to hide your Galaxy Phone’s phone number, the steps are slightly different depending on its model. The number suppression feature is available on almost all Android and Samsung phones.

By using a personal number, the risks associated with giving out your number as a result of an automated call are significantly lower.

In this article, you will learn how to hide the caller ID from those you call. The following are a few methods that may prove helpful when you want to know how to block a phone number.

You are temporarily blocking your number from any mobile phone.

The *67 critical works with both landline and cell phones. The caller will instead see the words “private phone,” “unavailable,” etc. on their Caller ID. When you call again, your number will be displayed as usual the next time.

When you save the number to your address book, you can add the *67 symbols in front.

Android and iOS block all numbers by default

If you are interested in the specifics of toll-free numbers or how you can block your iPhone or Android phone numbers, then we have you covered. Adjusting just one setting lets you quickly secure your number on iPhones and Android devices. Every time you place a call, the number that appears will be private.

Blocking your iPhone phone number is easy.

  1. Settings
  2. Tap Phone
  3. Then, press the Show Caller ID button.
  4. The toggle switch will allow you to display or hide your phone number

Verizon Wireless is not allowing this feature. But we’ll tell you what to do in the next section.
You’ve seen how to do it on an iPhone. You can now block the number you use to call someone when using Android.

Blocking your Android mobile number is easy.

Phone App: Open it
Open the Menu
Select Options
To change the call setting, click on “Call Settings.”
You can also click on additional settings
Use Caller Id
You can hide your number by selecting Hide number
Select “Show Network Default” to reverse the Android feature.

If you cannot make a call, dial *82 to temporarily remove your blocked number. Certain providers use this code to bypass automatic blockages of private numbers.

Android Phones: Change Caller ID

You can block the caller ID on your Android device in a few different ways, depending on your phone. Below is a guide that will work with most Android devices, including Google Pixel.

Phone App: Open it
The Menu will open when you tap on the three dots. Tap ‘Settings.
Select ‘Calls.
Then, tap ‘Additional settings.’
If you choose ‘Caller ID,’ enter your desired number and select whether to display or hide it when making a call.
If you want to check if you are using the default settings for your network, you can dial *#3 1 # from the Phone app. Tap the call button, and you will see whether or not your mobile provider restricts your caller identification.

What is the default setting for hiding your mobile number on a smartphone?

By following these simple steps, you can see if there are any available apps on your smartphone.

On Android:

Select the Phone app.
Open the Menu by clicking on the three lines above the Search Bar. Then select the Setting option.
You can also choose Calls > Other Settings > Caller ID.
Click Hide the Number on the Menu.


To access the Settings, open your mobile phone.
Pick the phone option.
Visit the Calls page.
Tap on Show My Caller Identification.
Show that my caller ID can be turned off by adjusting the toggle. If the toggle is white, you will know it has been turned off.

Caller ID settings may be removed from your device soon. Rambarran explains that if your older phone has out-of-date software, you may find that the company is either forcing a software update or rendering that phone incompatible. Cellular companies require your phones to update their software/firmware automatically after manually delaying it several times.

Blocking your iPhone phone number

To enable the feature, go to your phone settings if nothing else works or if you must hide your number regularly.

Show My Call ID can be found in the iPhone’s Settings Phone application. After a while, the toggle will appear. You can now turn it off.

You can use this feature if your private number is used for business calls. If you need to remember, it’s a nuisance when trying to call friends or family. If they don’t pick up, No CallerID will appear.

Learn how to use popular vertical service codes.

Following vertical service code work with all popular providers. You should contact your telephone company to see if the code you are trying doesn’t function as intended.

*60 – Blocks specific phone numbers.
*66: Keep dialing a busy telephone number until it is free.
*69: This code allows you to dial your last caller from any landline phone that doesn’t have a caller ID.
*70: Temporarily activates Call Waiting.
*72 – Forwards the call on to a separate number
*77: Tilts the dialer to reject anonymous calls, only allowing incoming calls from those who disclose their numbers.

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