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How to Bypass Tinder Photo Verification

Tinder has announced today that it will roll out an AI-powered update for the photo Verification feature that, until now, has enabled Tinder users to demonstrate to other users they’re not a bot nor a catfisher. In the past, Tinder users took photos of themselves, posed in the manner required, and then were authenticated on the dating app and got an “as-is” check. Currently, Tinder is strengthening this procedure, requiring a video submission rather than photos. Additionally, it is expected to let users limit their chats only to photo Verified peopler photos.

The company claims that the modifications are part of its efforts to improve Tinder’s security for its users.

What is an excellent way to verify your account on Tinder? Let me demonstrate how you can do it step-by-step.

Shortly after you create an account, Tinder offers the concept of Photo Verification as an essential aspect of your Profile.

You can post your selfie or upload an image following the instructions given by Tinder. The videos and photos do not go to yourProfilet profile but are stored on Tinder for saving.

If you’ve been using the Tinder account for several years, it’s going to be necessary to be verified with a photo at some point or another:

1. Give Tinder access rights to your camera on the Settings of your phone:

2. Start the Tinder app, then go to your ProfileProfile3. Make sure you click the grey checkmark beside your name and then click Continue:

Complete Verification and Remove Pictures

Another trick to fool the process of establishing your photo is to finish it in full but then remove your photos afterward. This way, Tinder will recognize that you’re the account owner and show you the blue checkmark.

But remember that this strategy is not 100% secure, as Tinder might require you to verify your account again and store data on your facial features periodically.

How do I get Tinder gold without cost?

1. Earn Tinder Gold via Rewards There are times when Tinder gives out rewards or offers that grant access to Tinder Gold for a brief period. Watch out for promotions on Tinder’s app or via their marketing channels.

2. Join Referral Programs: Tinder occasionally offers referral programs that allow you to earn rewards, such as access to premium features, such as Tinder Gold, by referring your friends to the application. Find out if there’s a current program for referrals.

3. Try Tinder Gold for Free: Tinder often provides new users with free trial versions of Tinder Gold. If you’ve never subscribed to Tinder Gold before, you may be eligible for a trial at no cost.

Tips: Adhere to Tinder’s terms of service. Do not act against Tinder’s guidelines or constitute deceit, fraud, or swindling.

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