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How To Change Clock In Apple Watch

Do you want to change your Apple Watch’s analog time to digital? I’m sorry, but you won’t find one. It doesn’t even exist. Some people have both digital and analog time on their Apple Watches. How can you switch between digital or analog time on your Apple Watch? Let’s explore the answers in this post.

How to do it directly from your Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch’s Digital Crown should be pressed until the current watch face appears. Keep pressing down on display for several seconds until you see the watch’s face. There are two options: swipe to the right and left, or you can choose from one of your previously saved watch face choices.

If you don’t love any of the saved options, you can also swipe left until the New’ option. Scroll down to see more watch faces. Once you’ve found one that you like, you can tap ‘Add!

If you don’t love any of the options you have saved, you can add them to your watch face library. Credit: Screenshot / Apple

You can adjust the style, colors, and complications of the watch face depending on its design. Once you’re done pressing the Digital Crown will save and set your watch face.

Long press on any watch face to edit it. Tap ‘Edit” underneath each one. You can then swipe left to browse your editing options.

How to customize your Apple Watch’s watch face

  • To view the watch’s face, press the Digital Crown.
  • Touch the display with your finger.
  • Swipe right or left to choose a face for your watch, then tap Edit.
  • Swipe right or left to select a feature. Then, turn the Digital Crown and change it. For example, you could change the color and markings of the watch face or the second hand.

Apple watches face showing the timescale.

Swipe left to edit complications. This can be used to check information like weather and activity, as well as other apps. Click on a complication you wish to choose, and then click the Digital Crown button to view all complication options. Tap on the desired complication and select it.

After you’re done, press “Digital Crown” to save your changes.

To make the watch face your current face, tap it.

How to change it on your iPhone

The Watch app on iPhone allows you to control the face options.

You will find all your saved watch faces under the My Watch’ tab. Tap on Edit in the right-hand corner to open a screen where the sequence of watch faces displayed on your Apple Watch can be rearranged. Just long-press on the hamburger icon on the right to move it anywhere you like.

You can also tap the watch’s face if you want to modify its color or add complications. Once you’re done tapping ‘Set as Current Watch Face’ Here, you can also remove a watch face that is in your library.

The last tab is called the “Face Gallery.” Here you will find tons of options for watch faces, broken down by categories such as “Activity,” “Gradient,” “InfographModular,” “Motion,” etc. By tapping on any option, you can also modify each watch’s face to your liking.

How to Show Digital Time on Analog Watch Face
You can display both time and date formats on your Apple Watch if you are a person who loves both. You will need to create an analog watch face, such as Simple, on your Apple Watch and then add a Word clock complication to it.

Here are the steps that will show digital and analog time in detail:

  • Touch and hold the Apple Watch’s current watch face.
  • Swipe left until you see the (+).
  • Scroll down and tap on “Add” to get the Simple watch face or any analog watch face.
  • You will be taken to the customization screen. Swipe left once more to open the Complications screen. Click on any one or all of the problems at the corners, depending on where you wish to display the digital times.
  • Scroll down and tap on the list of available complications.
  • To view the watch’s face, simply press the Digital Crown. The digital time will be displayed in the corner.
  • If you don’t see the city abbreviation shown in the digital times and want to delete it, you can open the Apple Watch application on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down the app to tap Clock. Then, tap on the City abbreviations on the next screen.

How to delete an Apple Watch watch face

Take your current watch face and touch it.

Swipe right or left to get rid of the watch face.

Swipe Up and Tap Remove

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