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How To Change Default Browser Windows 11

Suppose you’ve upgraded your computer from Windows 10 to Windows 11 and 11. In that case, you may notice that when you click a URL for a site or PDF file and a range of other types of files and formats, you will soon be directed directly to the Microsoft Edge browser. In the updated version of Windows, Microsoft is more assertive in promoting its applications over apps used in previous versions as defaults before the upgrade. That is, Edge has suddenly become the default browser.

Microsoft has rolled out an update to Windows 11 on Monday, allowing you to easily switch your default browser along with other improvements and bug fixes. The new update, The Verge, discovered on Tuesday, lets users switch default browsers using just one button.

Here’s how:

1. Start your Settings menu.

2. Go to Apps > Default Apps.

3. Look up the browser that you’re looking to install.

4. Check to see the “Make [browser] your default browser” option on the top of the page and click Set the default.

The latest version of its operating system came with a fragmented method in place. It was necessary to change each file’s extensions or protocol handlers to HTTP, HTTPS, HTML and . HTM and check an option that appeared only upon clicking an external link from your browser. This update will replace all that work using a single configuration.

Microsoft still needs to respond to an email asking for comments regarding the changes.

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An Alternate Way to Change Your Browser

This technique will be sufficient for most Windows users and allow you to complete your work quickly. On rare occasions, as with any technology, it can fail on your end; that is when you may need to find an alternative technique. These are the steps you can take.

Navigate to the settings page for the browser you’d like to make the default one, and then make any necessary adjustments on the settings page. For those using the Brave browser, select the settings in the top-right corner (three dots) and then choose the settings option.

Select Get Started and then select the Make default choice. This will put it on top of the default browser. That’s it. Brave will become the default browser for you from now on.

Why Change Your Default Browser?

Microsoft Edge is the default browser on Windows 11. The user can install and run any other browser that you want. However, the document will instantly open in Edge whenever you click a link. Specific files, like PDFs, will be displayed in Edge by default. If you frequently use other browsers, consider altering your default browser in Settings to ensure that things remain constant.

There will need to be more to solve all the problems.

There’s more. If you switch your default browser from Edge to something that’s not Edge, you can still use Edge as the preferred browser in many Windows applications. In this case, you can open Windows 11’s brand-new Widget pane (by clicking the Widgets icon in your taskbar, which is the one that appears like an open-ended window with two windows). Click on one of the news items displayed (and the button will be opened in Edge.

If you’re finding it annoying, there may be a solution. To open Edge-specific links, it is necessary to follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Default Apps.
  • Scroll down until you’ll see Choose your defaults by hyperlink name.
  • Select that link next, then in the field that says set defaults for links, Enter Edge.

Under the name Microsoft Edge, you can see (a somewhat overly) Microsoft Edge. If you click on it, you’ll be able to see alternative browsers can be used to open those specialized links. You can make use of to view these technical hyperlinks.

It’s interesting to note that if you download Chrome or Firefox and you don’t have these as alternatives. However, if you install the Brave browser, you will find it listed as an option. If you choose that when you visit the news icon in the Widget pane, it will appear in Brave.

Steps to Change the Default Browser of Windows 11

Step 1: Click on the Start Bar (located in the taskbar and appears as a set of four windows)

Select the Windows 11 Start Bar to switch the default browser.

Step 2: A window with the settings and applications will open. Click on Settings.

Click Windows 11 Settings App

Step 3: In Settings, click “Apps”.

Click Windows 11 Apps

Step 4: Click “Default Apps” on the menu that displays.

Select ‘Default Apps’ in the Apps Settings

Step 5: Scroll down to one Web browser you prefer in the applications available (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) and press it.

Choose the browser that you wish to set as the default.

Step 6: When you select the web browser you want to use, A menu will be displayed with the “Set default” button in the top right-hand corner. Press the button to establish your chosen browser as the default web browser in Windows 11.

  • Features of the Microsoft Edge Browser
  • Tabs that are easy to organize.
  • Screenshots capabilities.
  • An assistant for writing to enhance your online writing
  • Prevention tools to block undesirable cookies
  • A browser mode specifically designed for children.
  • Extensions and customizations.

An appealing, customizable interface

Microsoft Edge is an extremely powerful multi-that provides you with a more com browsing experience once when browsing. The first thing you should be aware of when surfing the web is your computer’s safety because some websites contain malware.

Microsoft Edge ensures you are surfing under HTTPS, which allows users to browse websites and content securely.

A few sites are only HTTP. Some areas are HTTP, which is why Edge browser advises against using these sites. The Edge browser can create strong passwords for users and store them to make it easier to log in.

Based on statistics, Microsoft Edge is the most secure web browser. However, users may prefer switching to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox due to their distinct or unique features.

Windows 11 users must take a few steps to select a new web browser apart from Edge as the default browser.

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