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how to change imei number on iphone

You might have heard of the IMEI if you’re using a smartphone. IMEI, also known as an International Mobile Equipment Identity number, is a unique identification number that identifies your mobile with a mobile phone number. Whether your device is Android or iOS, it has an IMI number.

Although it’s almost impossible to alter an iPhone’s IMEI number, an alternative temporarily assigns a new IMEI number to the iPhone. There could be reasons to change the IMEI number on your iPhone; however, whatever the reason may be, you can change the IMEI number by following a few basic steps.

If you’re trying to find ways to change the IMEI numbers of iPhones, then continue reading this article. We have provided the steps to alter the IMEI number of an iPhone with a few easy steps. Let’s get started.

What exactly is what is an IMEI number?

The International Mobile Equipment Identity number is unique to one another and has been established by the gadget manufacturer. The number can be described as a sequence of numbers found on all mobile phones, including smartphones.

It’s a unique identification number used to determine the mobile network.

The IMEI number appears in the gray or silver sticker on the reverse of the iPhone, and you can also locate it in the packaging that comes with the iPhone. An IMEI number typically is 15 digits in length.

You can alter your IMEI number for a short period If you wish.

How to Locate IMEI Numbers in the iPhone

There are three basic methods that you can use to determine the IMEI code for an iPhone.

The most effective method is to use the code *#06#. Enter this code into your device’s keyboard. Once you have done that, press”call,” and a 15-digit sequence will appear. The 15 numbers are the IMEI number.
Also, you can locate the IMEI code on the package that you received the device.
It is also a straightforward method of determining the IMEI code for your iPhone. What you must do is visit Settings General -and then About. There, you’ll find the iPhone’s IMEI displayed.

How to Change the IMEI Number For iPhone

The change in IMEI number is going to bring no benefits. There are a lot of risks involved with doing this. Suppose a user changes the IMEI number on their iPhone to the same number of a different phone; the device ceases to function. In addition, potential legal limits may be crossed when you alter the IMEI number. However, changing the IMEI number can also invalidate the warranty on the iPhone. Therefore, it is essential to consider the reasons that could cause any issues when trying to alter the IMEI number of the iPhone.

To change the IMEI number of iPhones, it is necessary to unlock their iPhones. The instructions in this article cannot be carried out with jailbreaking on your iPhone. This is why knowing how to jailbreak the iPhone is crucial. Once you have done this, you must follow the steps to alter the IMEI number in an iPhone.

Option 1.

The first step is to determine the iPhone’s ID number. It is a straightforward procedure. The user must access the dialer on their iPhone and then dial *#06#. The code you dial will reveal to the user the current IMEI of their iPhones.
When you’ve obtained the IMEI number for your iPhone After obtaining the IMEI number, you must now switch to your personal computer or laptop computer for you to move on.
Download a computer software called “Ziphone” for your laptop or computer. You have to install the tool for the PC
The next step is to switch on your iPhone in the recovery mode. To do that, simultaneously press the Home Button and Power Button. Press and hold until the Apple Logo appears on the screen. Once this is done, pack your Home button. It will cause the iTunes logo to show up across the screen with wires directly beneath it.
In this state, you can link the iPhone with your home PC.
Open your computer, go to your Ziphone folder, and then right-click on when you are there. Select the option “Start Command Prompt Here.”
In your Command Prompt window, then input “ZiPhone.”
Then, enter “ziphone -u -i aIMEINumber.” (Then put in the brand new IMEI Number you’d like to use for your iPhone instead of “IMEI Number.”)
After typing this, wait 3-4 mins for ZiPhone to complete the procedure. After that, restart your device, and it will complete the process.
Enter *#06# into the dialer in your phone to verify the latest IMEI number on your phone.

How do I change the IMEI of the iPhone With No Jailbreak?

It’s a straightforward task to modify the IMEI of an iPhone using the following guide. The IMEI number can be altered by using a program for PC, ZiPhone. ZiPhone is a free unlocking application that works with iPhones. It’s easy to use and changes the numbers of IMEI on iPhones within minutes. This is on how to use ZiPhone to alter the IMEI number on any iPhone.

Things to be Considered before changing the IMEI of the iPhone

There are a few things to remember before proceeding with the procedure to alter the IMEI number on an iPhone without jailbreaking.

The iPhone must be locked or activated. It is possible to follow the instructions to activate your iPhone.
If you modify the phone’s IMEI number, the warranty on the device will expire. When the contract has been completed, you may alter the IMEI number at any time.
The change of the IMEI number on stolen phones is a crime. There is a chance of being arrested. Therefore, you should take your risks. We’re not responsible for any loss or damage.
I’m sure you’ve taken note of the information above and abide by the guidelines. Now, let’s go into the step-by-step guide on changing the IMEI number on your iPhone.

Change the IMEI Number On the iPhone.

If you are selling the iPhone or switching to a brand new phone, it may require changing the IMEI number of your device. Some carriers will require an updated IMEI number for swapping SIM cards.

To alter the IMEI number of your iPhone, follow these steps:

First, open Settings. Click General and then go to About. Scroll until you come to Model, and then tap it. Below the Model, you’ll be able to see IMEI. Enter a new number by selecting one of the available options and then tap Done at the top right-hand corner.

How Can I Modify My IMEI Number for the Last Time in 2022?

There’s no permanent way to alter the IMEI number. But you could change your IMEI for a short period in several ways. The most effective method is by using the phone’s IMEI changer application. The apps are usually offered for free in the Google Play Store. Google Play Store. Another option can be to root an Android device and then install an app to change your IMEI. It will let you modify your IMEI numbers without factory resetting the device.

Could IMEI Numbers be faked?

IMEI numbers can be faked; however, it takes time to accomplish this. There are many methods to manufacture an IMEI number. However, the majority are based on a root phone. Once the phone has been rooted, it is then able to be re-rooted. The IMEI number can be altered by following a couple of steps. However, faking an IMEI number is prohibited in numerous countries and could lead to losing service or even the phone becoming challenging to market.

Wrapping Up

Changing the iPhone IMEI number is simple once you have jailbroken the iPhone. Be aware that doing this could violate the phone’s warranty, so make sure you do it correctly, as it could also cause an inability to boot your iPhone. Don’t try to change the IMEI of an unintentionally stolen device.

As I mentioned above, it is only a temporary IMEI number for the iPhone. After the iPhone gets the iOS update, the IMEI will be reset to its original. Then, you can change the iPhone IMEI number unlimited times and access a variety of offers and services limited by IMEI numbers.

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