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How to Change Last Seen Time in Whatsapp?

The most well-known instant messaging platform WhatsApp is testing a new update that gives users more control over their “Last Seen status. The status will show the last time someone was active on the WhatsApp application, and a new update will let users prevent certain people from viewing that information.

If you go to WhatsApp Settings > Account Privacy > Last Seen/ Profile Photo/About, There is an option called “My Contacts Other Than …”: This option allows you to block certain individuals from viewing your profile information on WhatsApp. For instance, it is not necessary put your most recent sighting setting to “Nobody” if you have turned off the feature due to specific contacts. You can also block people from viewing your last scene right now. We’ve explained this in the changelog of this Android update; if you choose contacts from the Last Seen section, then My Contacts Other than You won’t be able to view their last sighting; however, this doesn’t apply to your profile or about the photo.

The new feature is now available to those who are using the WhatsApp TestFlight beta installed and is likely to be accessible to everyone with installed the App Store app in the near course. It’s yet another way to increase privacy, for WhatsApp has already played around with how similar status worked in the past.

How do I make it appear that I was the last appearance on WhatsApp?

There’s no way to falsify the last time you were seen on WhatsApp. The time of the last sight is updated whenever the person uses the app, regardless of whether they’re active.

Are you able to change the last looked-up information on WhatsApp?

You can change the last time you see it on WhatsApp using the Settings Menu. On the “Account” tab, click on the “Account” tab; there is an option to alter the “Last Seen” time “Last Seen” time.

Hide WhatsApp Last Seen Time on Android

What is the function of this application? After you’ve set up the application, it begins to function. The Not Last Seen app will automatically turn off your WiFi connection when you launch WhatsApp. When you exit the WhatsApp window, it automatically begins WiFi.

Download the Not Last Seen app. Unfortunately, we do not have a Google Play Store link since the app is no longer available. The app violated Google guidelines, they state.
Open the application. Three options are available: Block Last Seen at Boot Phone and Never Recover WiFi.
Tick ‘Block Last Seen’.
Since the app hasn’t been updated, just clicking the first option did not work for me, so I needed to tick the second option, i.e. the Block last seen on Boot Phone.
If the WiFi network fails to start automatically when you exit your WhatsApp window, select “Always Recover WiFi”.

After running the app, it will display a message within your notification area. You can tap on it to modify the settings, if needed, keep it as is, or click clear to block it from your notification bar. I would, however, suggest that you be there for a while to be aware that the last time you saw it was not visible.


Apart from the mentioned advancement, WhatsApp is also working on locking the profile photo, similar to Facebook, and updating the update of the ‘about section. With this feature, users will have the option of deciding who can view their profile picture. Furthermore, the “about” section can also be displayed for certain contacts. It is yet to be determined whether WhatsApp will also be rolling out these features in the next update.

When will Whatsapp confirm that I am online?

WhatsApp’s ‘Last Seen’, or active status, is only activated when the app runs in the forefront on your system. That means the system can only recognize that you’re online (or it was connected) when the app is running on your screen and not behind the scenes.


This is the simplest and the most effective method I have shared. You don’t have to be concerned about whether this method is working or not on your smartphone. Don’t get caught trying to find a different method to make fake last seen; follow the steps. Also, Read- Cool Whatsapp Group Names

This is Our Today’s Article On ‘How To Create Fake Whatsapp Last Seen’. I hope that you gained something new from this article. This is a fantastic method that works without any problem. I’m employing this technique to prank friends and make them laugh by creating fake last-known timings on Whatsapp.

It takes only 5-10 minutes to stop Whatsapp the last time it was seen. So if you’re experiencing issues while trying the steps to create a fake The last time you saw Whatsapp, then feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll Try My Best to resolve your issue.

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