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how to change your facebook page name

When you’re trying to rebrand or seeking something unique, changing your Facebook profile’s Name can be a great option to give it a new style and look. Follow this step-by-step guide to changing your Name on your Facebook page to increase your presence on social media.

Are you looking to alter the Name of your company on Facebook? This happens.

It was once complicated to attain this. However, thanks to Facebook’s recent updates, changing your Facebook name and URL now requires just about five steps.

Steps for Changing Your Business Name on Facebook

This is how you can alter your Facebook profile’s Name:

Go to your company’s PagePage and Meta Business Manager

Click “Settings” on the left sidebar

Then, under “General Page Settings,” click the “Edit” or “Edit” link next to the page’s name page.

Enter the Name of the new company.

Select “Review Change”

Password input and click “Confirm” to save the modifications.

When Facebook verifies your request to change the name of your account, it will be altered. This process shouldn’t typically require more than a couple of minutes. Be aware that Facebook does not allow users to modify their profiles more than once every 60 days, so double-check you’ve entered the correct Name before submitting.

How often do you have to alter the Name of a Facebook page?

Facebook is now telling you before you confirm your request for a Page’s Name:

The review could last up to three days. We will need extra details.

If the name change you want to make has been approved, you cannot remove the page or alter your Name for another seven days.

We may notify those following your PagePagethat that your Name has changed.

Continuously altering the Name of your page can confuse those who are your clients and fans. It could also cause Facebook to determine that your Page is a spammer.Page

Please select a name you’d like to stick with, and do not change it until necessary.

I’m unable to find an Edit Page Information choice.

If you don’t view Edit Page Info anywhere on the screen, select Page Settings and choose Page Info in the left column.

I’m experienced with New Page.

If you’re using Facebook’s New Page experience, you’ll have to change your account using Facebook Access to request a name modification.

Go to the Page, select your Pagephoto of the Page in the upper Pageright corner, click Settings and Privacy and then select Settings. Then click General Settings and Name. After that, enter your new Page’s Name, clPage’sick Review Change, and enter your password to confirm the modification.

What is the time frame for changing the Facebook page name?

The amount of time required to modify your Facebook page’s Name is contingent upon. Facebook will review requests; it can take a couple of hours and several days to approve a modification. Be patient. However, generally speaking, Facebook takes at least three business days to respond to the request to alter your Name. During this period, Facebook might also inform people following the page that your page is now named Page after you.

Will my Facebook Page name be accessible to other users when I make the change?

The previous Facebook name will no longer be available to those who visit your PName. It will replace Pagel with an alternative name you’ve picked. But if someone enters the name of your Facebook page, it could appear to say, “Sorry, this page isn’t available.” This could create the impression that your friends think it’s closed, that the page was shut down, or that it has changed its name

What can you do to change the link on your Facebook name URL?

Log into your Facebook account.

Select Settings & Privacy in the upper left corner.

Press Settings.

Visit your Accounts Center section, then press for more information in Accounts Center.

Pick the profile you want to change your username for, click NaNameLog in with your username, and verify your account’s availability.

Press Save Changes.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve followed these steps to alter your username on Facebook, Be aware that you must wait 60 days before changing your naNameagain. Also, make sure to double-check your account name and be sure that it’s in line with Facebook guidelines before saving your adjustments.

Are you aware of any additional suggestions that could benefit from making name changes on Facebook? Please share them in the remarks!

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