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How to Check the iPhone Activity Log

There are a variety of motives for you to learn to track the most recent activities on your iPhone. One of the most important and main reasons individuals would want to check this is because they have children that they must monitor. We are aware of the risks that exist for children within the world of technology, and parents must be knowledgeable.

Others may track their activities to check what they’re doing with their smartphones to analyze their behavior. If you’re looking for a reason to monitor your recent activities on your iPhone and iPad, you’ll be pleased to know it’s feasible. There are several critical approaches to thinking about this, and we’ll discuss them in the following paragraphs.

However, analyzing logs is usually reserved for advanced developers or users who need to explore how to troubleshoot and enhance applications. Logging into devices, in contrast, can be fascinating even for those who aren’t professional users and are interested in all things.

An iPhone or iPad or Mac, Mac along with the USB cable, are all required to view the iOS device’s log. Make sure that you have your iOS device is turned on.

Monitor iPhone Activity with the help of the App Store

If you’re uncertain regarding a charge made by the Apple Store, if you’re not sure about an order from the Apple Store on your account, go through the transactions for the reason why you’re being assessed.

There’s a chance you didn’t think about or failed to end a recurring bill. Your child might purchase something at the shop without knowing about the purchase.

It’s straightforward to look up the latest list of your AppStore purchases and downloads. You can report an issue by going to and entering your Apple ID and password.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll get connected to the Apple account, and you’ll see the entire history of all prior transactions and downloads that you’ve made using the Apple ID accounts.

The total number of purchases, names of software that was downloaded as well, and the cost of the program will be listed in the table.

If you’re concerned over a purchase you don’t remember, complain to Apple and request that it be examined.

How to See Someone’s Activity on iPhone

It is also possible to view what someone is doing on their iPhone via your Fitness app. Here’s how:

  1. Open the iPhone’s Fitness application.
  2. Switch to the tab Sharing. Click Get Started when prompted.
  3. Fill in the details of your friend’s contacts by tapping the Account icon, then click Add. Choose your friends from the recommended contacts listing. You can add 40 friends.
  4. After you’ve picked the people you want to invite. Be on the lookout for invitations to be received by your buddies.

You can also make an invite to someone you know directly from your Apple Watch using the Activity app and navigating onto the screen for Sharing by scrolling downwards, then selecting Invite a Friend. This will allow you to check out someone’s activities on your iPhone.

How To Check the Total Screen Time on Your iPhone

If you’re not willing to go into detail and want to check the screen duration of your iPhone, This method is the best choice for those of you. The iPhone is loaded with valuable features, including checking your overall screen time is among them.

This is the step-by-step guide that you can use to find out the whole screen time on your iPhone.

Start the Settings app on your iPhone.
Scroll to the bottom and locate. Scroll down until you find the “Battery” tab; click the button. Then, you will see the chart of battery drain as well as “Screen-On” and “Screen-Off” times beneath the graph.
After you’ve checked the application, it’s time to quit the app.
It’s easy to check the totality of your screen to see how many times you’ve utilized your iPhone throughout the day.

How to Know When Any Service Accesses Your Location?

If you have allowed multiple services to gain access to your iPhone information about your location, You may want to know which application has access to the data. To give more information to its customers, Apple has a status bar icon that will let you know the time and date that apps can access your iPhone and the history of your location.

These are the steps you can take to activate to enable the Status Bar Icon:

Step 1.) Start by opening Settings and go to Location Services, scroll down to System Services, and tap on it.

Within Systems Services, you will be able to see the list of services that can access the recent location information of your iPhone. The services that are enabled with the purple Find the iPhone icon are those that recently gained access to your location.

Step 2.) Please go through The Status Bar Icon at the top and enable it.

3.) Then, you’ll find the icon for location on the upper right-hand side of the screen. It will appear in the status bar when you are using the site.

Make sure you have your Find My iPhone tracker enabled since it’s not dangerous and can be helpful when you need it.

What is the best way to track your activities on your iPhone?

The ability to track your daily activities is available within the Fitness application. If you’re carrying the iPhone and motion sensors are installed, they keep track of your step count. Using the Fitness app, you can keep track of your daily movements and activities, establish an exercise goal, and track the trends in your data.

Is it possible for the iPhone to be compromised?

There is no universal answer to this concern. The vulnerability of a phone to hackers will depend on several aspects, such as the particular version of the iPhone, the operating system that it runs, and the security features that have been activated. In general, iPhones are considered secure devices and less likely to be compromised than different varieties of smartphones.

What can I do to check my activities via my iPhone?

Monitoring your activities using your iPhone is simple. Just open”Settings,” then click on the “Settings” app, scroll down, and then tap “Screen Time.” Here, you’ll be able to view the complete analysis of the details of your iPhone usage. This includes the time spent with specific apps or categories, the limits of apps, and the number of times you check your iPhone during the entire day.

Are there limits I can set on my iPhone use?

Absolutely! Thanks to your iPhone’s Screen Time feature, it is possible to set app limits that will help you control and monitor your usage. To set this up, navigate into “Settings,” tap on “Screen Time,” and choose “App Limits.” From there, you’ll have the option to select specific categories or apps and then set a daily limitation. Your iPhone will inform you that you’ve reached the limit. Once the time limit has been reached, the app will be temporarily disabled.

What can you tell whether your phone is recorded?

There are various methods for determining if your phone call is being recorded, allowing you to discover if the calls are being recorded. In particular, if the person you’re talking with appears to be reading out the script or they’re not naturally answering your queries, this could mean that the call has been recorded.


iOS ought to be among the most secure operating systems ever. Security and privacy features that Apple incorporates in iOS stop hackers from spying on users’ activities.

But that does not mean iOS does not have its flaws if you can unlock the phone and discover a lot about recent activities on the iPhone.

Although there are myriad methods to get usage data from the iPhone, In this article, we’ll talk about two options, namely Screen Time and Safari, which are all legal and safe features Apple incorporates in its phones.

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