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How To Clean A Mousepad

It’s all too familiar. You bought the mousepad to make your life much easier on your gaming console or at work; however, over time, it’s developed dirt, dust and stains caused by the abuse that you’ve poured on it. You’ll want to wash it with a washing machine, but many manufacturers suggest against this since it could cause damage to the fabric and decrease the lifespan of your mousepad.

Cleaning a Fabric Mousepad

All soft mousepads can be cleaned by hand to eliminate staining. (Remember not to use this technology mousepad method since you may damage electronic components.)

What You’ll Need
Warm water
Soft soap or shampoo
A clean sponge
Soft bristle brush

Steps To Follow

Pour a tub, sink or another basin with hot water, after which you can submerge your mousepad.
Put a small amount of shampoo or dish soap onto the mousepad. Then scrub it using the sponge. Alternatively, you can put the soap onto the sponge before you scrub it.
Brush your fingers to remove more difficult stains or oil. (Don’t employ a brush with a harsh bristle or wire sponge to do this since you may harm the surface of your mousepad.)
Make sure to thoroughly wash the mousepad after you’re done scrubbing. Make sure there’s no soap.
The mousepad’s fabric with the side facing down on the towel to dry it is ideal throughout the night. It can be placed near an air conditioner to eliminate any excess water.
Sprays or wipes, as well as other products for disinfecting, are not recommended by most manufacturers since they may decrease the longevity of the mouse pad. If you choose, check the labels attentively before using them.

Types of Mouse Pads

Before we go to the process and steps, it is essential to understand that a variety of mouse pads are available on the market. This is the type of mouse pad you might see.

  • RGB mousepad
  • Razer mousepad
  • Gaming mouse pad
  • Steelseries mousepad
  • Logitech mouse pad

Although there are many of the above types and brands, these are the most popular you’ll encounter. The techniques will likely be slightly different.

How do I clean the RGB mousepad?

An RGB mousepad differs in comparison to other mouse pads due to the fact that it’s a gaming mousepad. Maintaining the mousepad is imperative because it was designed specifically for professional gamers. When you see some mousepads costing more than $50, you need to ensure you don’t damage the pads’ sensors or even materials like rubber slips that will maintain the pad’s quality.

What You Need:
Microfiber cloth
Warm water
Mild dish soap
A bowl

How To:

Unplug all your electronics. Unplugging anything could cause damage to the mousepad or even hurt somebody.
Combine warm water with a bit of gentle dish soap in the bowl.
The microfiber cloth should be dampened in warm water. Be sure that it’s not excessively hot to ensure it doesn’t cause damage to the material.
It is possible to run the cloth across the surface of the mousepad to get rid of the grease and oil stains. Avoid getting near the wires.
If you find any traces of soap, clean your cloth, then ring it so it’s moist. It’s then run over the PD and wiped off the soap.
It is not necessary to use a damp cloth to clean. It can result in marks. Make sure to allow the mousepad to dry with the wet side up.
This is the same process if you are interested in knowing how to wash the mousepad of a razer. Another gaming mousepad can be cleaned using the same procedure. Be careful not to put too much pressure on the surface of your mousepad while cleaning it so that it doesn’t get damaged. This is the ideal way to learn how to clean your gaming mousepad.

How to Clean SteelSeries Mousepad

SteelSeries provides a variety of mouse pads which are perfect to use for gaming. However, they are different compared to the models listed earlier. If you want to know how to wash a big mousepad, or even a smaller one, then this is the area that you should pay attention to. Most of the mouse pads are made of fabric (except those with RGB and non-wireless). This is the reason why their process differs. You should double-check your fabrics.

What You Need:
A towel or microfiber cloth
Warm water
Mild dish soap
The dish or toothbrush

How To:

Fill a large bowl or sink with hot water and dish soap. It is possible to move the soap around in order to make suds and mix the soap.
Take the mousepad from the fabric and spray a bit of dish soap over the surface. Then, you can place it on a towel as it’s wet.
Utilize your brush to rub the soap all over and clean rid of any dust on your mousepad. Pay close attention to the mousepad if it has begun to break. The mousepad could be scratching too tricky. Also, it could be because you are using cheaper substances.
Clean the bowl or sink and then fill it with warm water. It will help wash the mousepad of soap. Get it out and then Ring the mousepad without damaging the material. Take as much water off of the fabric as you can. Let it air dry to the towels.
It can take a while, depending on the material. It’s the same method as scrubbing a mouse pad. It might take longer to dry as compared to a smaller size.

What do you need to wash when washing the mouse’s pad?

Wash the mouse pads with warm water, isopropyl alcohol microfibre cloths, sponge, soft cloth, and laundry detergent. But, based on the model of the mouse pad you have, There are several ways you could use cleaning the pad.

Is my mouse pad no longer working?

A mouse pad functions as the surface to allow your mouse to slide through the area with no difficulty. But, if the mouse pad isn’t functioning as expected, it might look dirty, or its surface could be damaged due to excessive dirt, uneven surfaces or worn-out fabric. In certain instances, you’ll need to buy a brand-new one. We’ve posted the top ones in the following table.

How to Clean Your Mouse Pad

The most effective method to wash the mouse pad is to use soap and water. It will remove the grime or dirt which accumulates over time.

Here’s how you can clean your mouse pads:

Put a bowl or tub in cold water, then put your mouse’s pad in the water. Make use of a mild shampoo or hand wash to scrub the surfaces.
Rub your mouse’s pad using a soft brush. Make sure you are gentle, or else you might be causing injury!
Wash the soap off with cold water. Ensure that there aren’t any suds either on either side.
Dry your mouse using a cloth. You can leave it for the remainder of the day before the next time you’ll use it to ensure it’s dry.

Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips

  • There is no need to clean the mousepad regularly every time. If you feel that a quick clean-up would accomplish this job, consider these guidelines:
  • If you have a soft pad, you can run a hand vacuum on it, removing particles and dust.
  • If you have a plastic or metal pad, you can wipe it clean with the help of a microfiber towel or disinfecting wipes to eliminate dust.
  • Blot away any debris with an air blower.

Apply fabric protector spray onto a soft pad to repel liquids and stop staining.
Do’s and Don’ts
Once you’ve mastered how to clean your mousepad, There are additional tips:Do’s
It is possible to sprinkle baking soda over the stain and use it instead of shampoo or soap.
Cleanse the area with cold water.
Dry it out in the sun for a minimum of 24 hours.
Take care when deciding whether you should place it in a washer machine based on the type of material.
You can put it in a dishwasher, microwave or tumbler.
Do not leave the sun out all day too.
Use a hair dryer.


Clean mousepads are inconvenient, but you know how to keep them clean when there are spills, dirt or even dust. If you know of other techniques for cleaning the mousepad we didn’t cover, tell us in the comments section below!

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