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how to clean clear phone case

You spent hours deciding on the right case. But now, the pristine clear case is an exceptional memory as you’ve watched that adorable phone case slowly turn a grimy yellow. It can be exceptionally disheartening. 

The discoloration is something that absolute confidence has come about in most of our instances in a while or one in every of a type. Fear no longer—numerous strategies exist to clean up your cellphone and repair that stunning design and emblem-new gleam.  

How to easily clean cellular telephone times and prevent them from turning yellow?

Clear cases are fantastic. Not only because they look clean and are normally made to be quite grippy but also because they’ll permit you to show off the actual shape of your cellphone. Sadly, because the pronouncing is going, real subjects don’t always last. Also, you were given on your hands a clear case that’s starting to yellow and ended up clicking on this blog to search out solutions for the way to transport decrease lower back it decrease again to its real kingdom.

The Best techniques we advise for a way to clean smooth cellular telephone instances

As we were in the equal position as you earlier, you may consider we tried our honest proportion of cleansing techniques encouraged by the use of dozens of “the manner to smooth easy smartphone instances” articles. To store time, we have got compiled the under for you:

How to Clean Clear Phone Case With Dish Soap

Only some people keep baking soda and vinegar in their cabinets. Or, likely, you are truly out. If it’s far the case, you want to seize the dish cleansing soap to ease a grimy chance. Dawn is suggested, as it has the most cleaning strength.

Create an answer for dish cleaning, cleansing soap, and water.

Place the smartphone case inside the solution.

Use the toothbrush to ease it.

Rinse and repeat as you want to.

How to smooth an easy cellphone case with white vinegar 

How can we factor out baking soda without citing white vinegar? After all, the two circulate hand-in-hand, making them so well at cleansing. White vinegar is a first-rate natural cleanser due to its energy and acidity. It can, without hassle, artwork its manner thru limescale or disinfect your surfaces. Here’s a way to use it for a smooth cellphone case:

1. Find a small location or bowl this is big enough to suit your cellular telephone case. Place the empty case with something heavy on top to hold it down. Just ensure whatever you operate isn’t steel or rubber so it obtained’t corrodes. 

2. Sprinkle tablespoons of baking soda over the case by slowly pouring one cup of white distilled vinegar on the pinnacle. Prepare for it to fizz at the start — that is part of the cleansing tool. If the case isn’t quite submerged, add more vinegar as important. 

Three. Leave to soak for multiple hours. 

4. Rinse your case thoroughly as quickly as time is up. 

5. Dry with a microfiber cloth similarly to leaving to air dry completely in advance than using the case over again.  

How To Clean a Case with Medium Stains: Isopropyl Alcohol

Note: If you have got a Speck CandyShell, Presidio Clear, Stay-Clear, or Perfect-Clear case, we do now not recommend the use of isopropyl alcohol as it could purpose harm to your case and void your guarantee.

Pour small quantities of the isopropyl alcohol onto a gentle material and begin to ease your mobile phone case. Make sure you’re getting the hard-to-benefit places (like the rims of the case) in which dirt and dirt want to cowl. The alcohol ought to get rid of the greater hard stains and construction.

Once you’re performed with the case outdoors and indoors, take a mild dry cloth and wipe down the case until you’ve eliminated any leftover alcohol. Your case wants to revel in dryness to the touch.

Let the case dry for 1-2 hours before positioning it and returning it for your cellular phone.

How to deep clean a plastic or silicone cellular telephone case this is dirty and stained:

Turn off the phone and put off the case.

Soak the case briefly in a bowl of heated water and a squirt of dish-cleansing soap.

Gently scrub the case with a toothbrush and baking soda till all dust is removed.

Use a magic eraser for any final hassle spots.

Wipe the cell phone with a microfiber towel lightly dampened with the dishwater.

Rinse your telephone case in bloodless water.

Fully dry your case and call with a pinnacle elegance microfiber material to keep away from scratches.

Assemble the cellular telephone and buff the show screen with a microfiber glass fabric because flat weave guarantees no lint or streaks is probably left in the back.

Tips for keeping an easy phone case smooth

If you have been given a clear telephone case, you already know how hard it can be to maintain it smoothly. Fingerprints and dust can all acquire on the topic and make it look grimy. Here are some pointers for preserving your clean telephone case clean:

1. Use soft, lint-unfastened material to wipe down your case regularly. This will assist in eliminating any dust or dust that has been collected on the ground.

2. If your case is looking cloudy, you may try to clean it with mild soap and water. Be effective to rinse the subject very well afterward to put off any cleansing soap residue.

Three. If your case looks grimy after following the recommendations, consider using a more powerful cleaner collectively with rubbing alcohol or Windex. Be sure to test the cleaner on a small case region first to ensure it might not damage the fabric.

4. Once you have wiped smooth your case, you can assist save your destiny dirt and dirt build-up by utilizing a soft coat of sealant. This will create a barrier that makes it less complex to wipe easily.

How do I get my cellphone case cleaned once more?

If your easy phone case has turned yellow, don’t worry – it can be ordinary! We provide some pointers to hold your cellular cellphone case searching new.

First, thoroughly wash your case with warm water and cleaning soap. If the yellowing is mild, it will be enough to dispose of. If the discoloration is greater cussed, try using a Magic Eraser or rubbing alcohol. Just make certain to check those solutions in an no longer without-difficulty-seen vicinity first to ensure they acquired harm your case.


A clear cellphone case is a first-rate way to personalize your cellular phone, but it can moreover get grimy! This put-up indicates how to clean a clean telephone case well. The largest trouble with a clean phone case is that it can get grimy, so you need to ensure you ease it properly.

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