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How To Clean Window Ac Unit

Cleaning your air conditioner’s window often is crucial to keep it running smoothly. Rinse and clean your Filter every month during the excellent season. When not in use, put it in a safe place and secure it with an affixed sheet of plastic or a tarp. When you are ready to install it at the beginning of the warmer months, take it apart and provide it with an extensive seasonal clean. Make sure to comb its aluminum fins, then blow it up using compressed air. Then, clean and vacuum the tray inside. If the waves are filthy, cleanse the coils with an oxygenated or coil-cleaning household cleaner.

What is the best way to clean the Window Air Conditioner

The Department of Energy recommends thoroughly cleaning the window air conditioner each year, at a minimum and preferably before its initial use in the spring. As well as having a regular cleaning and filter cleaning, it is recommended to have the air conditioner checked every month and changed with a fresh filter every three months.1

Before You Start

The damp environment in the air conditioner can be an ideal environment to grow mold and pose a range of dangers to your health and the rest of your household.2 Hydrogen peroxide holds anti-fungal solid properties. This makes it ideal for removing remaining mold spores that air conditioners are known to store. The other everyday anti-fungal products (like bleach) can be corrosive to metallics and must be avoided to avoid damaging the air conditioner’s components. When you are ready to clean your air conditioner, fill the spray bottle using a three percent solution of hydrogen peroxide to be used while you clean.

Then, make sure that it is off electrical power by disconnecting the unit from the wall by turning off the circuit breaker at the panel of your electrical system at home. This can reduce the chance of electrocution.

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Things You’ll Need

  • Equipment and Tools
  • Shop vacuums that have a brush attachment
  • A knife that has a thin blade fin Comb
  • Cleansing cloth
  • Spray bottle
  • Air canister (optional)
  • A pair of gloves that are protective
  • Screwdriver


One bottle of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide
AC Cleaner of coils (optional)


Cleaning tools and supplies to wash the air conditioning unit of a window
The Spruce The Spruce Nanor Zinzalian

How do you clean a window Air Conditioner

The front panel (or grille cover) is a piece of plastic or a metal grate secured on the front of the air cooling unit. It is connected to your team by clips, screws, or tabs. Check your user’s manual for detailed instructions on removing it. The Filter may be placed within the face panel on specific models. In this case, follow the teachings of the manufacturer to remove the Filter before washing the board.

When the face panel — and perhaps the Filter has been taken off, then spray the face panel with the cleaning agent and wipe it clean by wiping it clean with a towel. You can also take it outdoors and wash it off using an outdoor hose. Put the face panel aside for drying while you scrub everything else.

The faceplate of the Air conditioner is pulled out and scrubbed with a clean cloth.

Eliminate and clean the Filter.

Refer to your air conditioner’s owner guide for detailed instructions for removing the Filter. Some models include the Filter inside the front panel, whereas others will have it placed directly in front of the conference. When the Filter is removed, you can remove any sediment with an air vacuum. Then scrub it off using a damp cloth to remove dust or dirt.

To give it a more thorough clean, go outside to clean it with the garden hose. When you are ready to reinstall it, place the Filter aside to allow it to fully dry. That should take about several hours after turning it around halfway.

The Filter of the window unit air conditioner was taken out and then cleaned by vacuum.

Vacuum out the inside.

Clean the whole inside (or cabinet) of the air conditioner’s interior. The drain pan is located at the unit’s lower part, the blower and fan are at the center, the evaporator is in the front, and the condenser is at the back.

Concentrate on cleaning the aluminum fins that are thin that are on the evaporator and condenser. Use the soft brush attachment of your vacuum’s hose and then clean the void in the same direction as the fins (vertically and up and down) to avoid bends or harming the fins.

When should I clean my Windows AC Unit?

Many parts of your window AC system require regular maintenance. The Filter is by far the one that is most important and requires regular cleaning. It is recommended to wash the Filter on your own once every month. The AC filter may have to be changed on how often you use the AC or window. Most units feature a lamp which indicates that it’s appropriate to change the Filter. This way, you’ll be able to know when you should replace it with an alternative.

If your window AC unit isn’t active, you can remove it and store it or buy a window shade to protect it during the off-season. The two choices will reduce particles and dirt that find it in the unit.

Final thoughts

Apart from regular cleaning, there are additional actions you could take to maintain your air conditioner functioning correctly. Take it, for instance; take the window from it and put it away in the colder winter months or if you aren’t in use for extended periods.

If this is more effort than you’re prepared to do time, consider hiring an expert to clean the air conditioner in your windows to your specifications. For someone to find, you can ask friends and your family members for suggestions or inquire about reputable service providers within your region.

However, whether you hire a professional or take it upon yourself to clean, ensure you adhere to a strict maintenance schedule. At a minimum, you should clean your filters monthly and apply hydrogen peroxide to fight mildew.

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