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how to connect ps4 controller to pc wired

The experience of gaming on an exclusive gaming console such as the PlayStation is fantastic. Sure, you can use any Windows PC or laptop. However, the quality and the feel of games played on consoles are simply top-of-the-line. A few years ago, Sony introduced the PlayStation 5 to the market.

It is not able to meet the demand needs in some regions. Whatever the reason, many users are stuck to their PS4 and are not updating. Since Microsoft has also launched its new OS, Windows 11, people would like to know how to connect their PS4 Controller with Windows 11. If you’re one of the users with this issue, you’re in the right spot.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to attach the PS4 Controller to your Windows 11 PC or laptop and then enjoy games using your PC. After that now, let’s jump right into the content and learn how you can connect your Connect PS4 Controller to a Windows 11 PC

How To Connect PS4 Controller To PC? (Wirelessly)

Follow the steps below to figure out the best way to get your PS4 Controller to work with your PC.

First, click the Windows button located in the bottom left corner. Find the Settings icon, and then click it.

Step 2: When the window that follows appears, Find Bluetooth. Type “Bluetooth” into the search bar if it is not there. Then, select ‘Bluetooth as well as other device settings.

Step 3. Turn on Your PC Bluetooth by toggling the switch to the right. In the meantime, ensure that your PS4 is at a standstill and shut off. Hold your central PS button and the share button for approximately 3 minutes. In the next few seconds, an orange light will flash on the top of the Controller.

Step 4 4. Open Bluetooth settings on your computer. Now, click on “Add Bluetooth and Other Devices.’

Step 5: Now is where you click ‘Wireless controller’. Most of the time, a code will be being requested at this moment. Enter 0000. Then, your PS4 Controller will be connected to your computer automatically.

Wired or Wireless

It’s possible to plug the PS4 Controller into a PC the same way as the Xbox One controller, using a micro USB cable. Give your PC a few minutes to update the drivers, and you’ll be ready to start. The actual use of the Controller is a different story; however, we’ll come to it in a bit.

Sony also came out with the wireless adapter, which is a must if you plan to connect the DS4 and PC frequently. It’s an investment worth making. Be aware that while the adapter was initially sold for $25, it’s been much more challenging to locate in recent months. You’ll need to search for older versions, buy an older model or pay a premium.

The setup process is easy. Plug it in and allow it to run for an hour or so to install the drivers. Then, press it into your USB slot for around three minutes. This will trigger this pairing procedure. Press and hold the PS and Share buttons simultaneously on your DS4, and the Controller will be able to connect with the adapter wireless. To pair it with your PS4 again, connect it to your console using a micro USB cable.

Make use of Steam to personalize your PS4 Controller for your PC

If you’re using your DS4 Controller in conjunction with Steam games such as Dota 2 or Warframe, you can choose from various additional choices. After your Controller has been connected, whether wireless or wired, open Steam and go through the dropdown menus in the upper left corner. Choose Steam, Settings, followed by Controller.

In the General Controller Settings, you can select PlayStation Configuration support. Steam should recognize the connected PS4 Controller and display the options on the lower right of the page. You can also calibrate your Controller or select the colour for its front-facing LEDs. If you press Identify, the Controller will begin to rumble.

Download and install the InputMapper software.

A third-party tool that will allow you to use a PS4 controller on the Windows 10 PC is InputMapper. To set up your Controller with InputMapper, Follow these instructions:

Download InputMapper here.

Download InputMapper and connect to your PS4 Controller with a USB cable or Bluetooth. To communicate with your Windows 10 PC with PS4 Controller using Bluetooth, switch the Bluetooth on your PC. Then hold the PS and Share buttons on the Controller.

Then open InputMapper and your Controller will be identified and ready for use.

We must point out that some games may be prone to issues, so you’ll need to alter some settings in InputMapper to correct these problems.

Connecting the PlayStation 4 controller to Windows 10 PC isn’t all that difficult. If you’re looking for a way to hook up your PS4 Controller to your computer, consider some of our options.

Oops, PS4 Controller Won’t Connect to the PC

The PS4 console comes with the DualShock 4 (DS4) Controller, akin to the original PlayStation controller. It consists of a directional pad, two sticks, four triggers, triangle circles, crosses, and square and circle buttons. Additionally, there’s a directional pad at the front and a PlayStation Move-like “light bar” at the top. (MiniTool Solution is a company specialising in solving computer/disk problems and data protection.)

However, connecting the DS4 Controller to a PC isn’t as simple as connecting an Xbox controller. Many have reported the PS4 Controller doesn’t connect to a PC and that they require solutions to fix it.

In general, you can choose from three ways for connecting to your PS4 Controller to a computer:

They pair the PS4 controller and PC via a wired connection.

Connect your PS4 Controller to your PC using wireless connections.

Pair the PS4 Controller with the PC via Bluetooth.

PS4 Controller isn’t connecting to PC Bluetooth, or the PS4 controller will not connect to the PC wired or wireless. This means you cannot play your favourite games using the Controller. This can make gamers very angry. I have listed three methods to help players overcome the issue when their PC doesn’t recognize the PS4 Controller. (How do I fix an external hard drive that isn’t being recognized/showing up?)

Connect PS4 Controller to PC via USB (Wired)

The easiest method of connecting your Controller to the Windows PC is by using micro-USB cables. The most significant benefit of the process of joining is it doesn’t do not require any configuration or setup after connecting. Furthermore, this USB cable is easily accessible on any eCommerce site.

How to connect DualShock PS4 controller to a PC by using a micro-USB cable

Connect one the end of your USB cable in the front port of your Controller.

The opposite end of your cable to the USB port on your computer.

That’s it! The wired connection is complete. To get the Controller to function, proceed to set up the gamepad.


You’re presented with various choices when connecting your PS4 Controller to your PC. It doesn’t matter if you use Bluetooth or a USB cable; you have a choice. Both options should work with a USB cable or Bluetooth connectivity when you run Windows 10.

They also provide comfort when playing, unlike the mouse and keyboard.

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