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How to delete a tiktok video

TikTok is continuing to climb in popularity; more people are using the app to overview some of the most viral web content.

While others prefer to go through other people’s videos through the For You Page, many create video content of their own for fun or establish a strong following for the application.

TikTok has added an array of sharing and editing features that make uploading and creating content more convenient than ever before; however, there may inevitably come a moment when you have to remove an entire video for any reason, whether it’s because you intend to re-upload the Video or you’d like to have to remove it from your site for good.

How to delete your current Video

After you’ve recorded videos on TikTok, it is required to follow several additional steps to follow before sharing the Video. These steps let you include media such as sound effects, text, or even sound and hashtags, mentions, or the description. With these steps, there are several options to stop the Video from starting again or not record one even.

How to remove a video from TikTok?

Removing videos that you do not want or would like to see on TikTok is quite simple.

You need to open the app and go to your profile. When you are there, you’ll be able to view a complete list of the videos you’ve made within the application.

Tap the Video that you don’t require. It will be played in fullscreen mode.

While the app is in motion, there will be three tiny dots in the lower-right corner. Press the dots to display the other available choices.

Tap Delete. Reconfirm the deletion by pressing Delete again.

If the pop-up menu opens, move it from left to right until you can see an icon of a trashcan. Click it, and the particular Video will be deleted from your collection. The app will then ask you to confirm your choice by tapping Yes to make sure the Video is removed fully.

If you have allowed the downloading of your Video by users, there’s anything that you could do. Even if you have removed any video you uploaded, someone could have downloaded the Video and could upload it to their profile.

What happens when I delete the Video on TikTok video?

The deletion of your account will erase all your favorite music, videos, and anything else linked to the profile. However, chat messages you have sent to other TikTok users will be visible. In addition, all your videos profiles, features, and settings will disappear for good.

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