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How to delete searches on google play

There are instances when having a complete history of your searches isn’t an accurate for many reasons. Many products and services allow you to erase your entire search history. This will prevent others from seeing the information you’ve spent time looking over. Google Play is no exception. Google Play app store is the same.

Yet, the process of removing the history of your Google Play history is different from what would be considered simple when you’ve never tried this previously. If you need help determining which direction to go and where to look, you’ll likely be lost within the settings menu, with no idea where you’re moving next. However, we can direct you in the right direction and have that history of searches erased, securing it from anyone else’s eyes and preventing it from taking over with search results.

How to Delete Google Play Search History on Android

Eliminating your Google Play Store history only needs a few steps, and you’ll be able to erase your history of searches within a matter of minutes. For deletion of the Google Play search history on your Android device, take these steps:

Launch the Google Play Store app
Click the profile photo at the top right corner for a full menu.

In the menu that appears, click “Settings” to see more choices.

Click “General” in the “General” section to expand it. After that, tap “Account and device preferences.”

Scroll to the bottom of the page until you reach the “History” section. Select “Clear device search history” to delete searches you’ve made using the Android device.

A confirmation dialogue box will ask if you wish to delete your searches made through the Google Play Store. Click “Clear history” to confirm, then get on with it.

For confirmation, go back to the main screen in your Google Play Store app and use Google’s search feature. Type in your search query, and you’ll notice your past search history was cleared.

How do you delete the history of your Google Play Store app and download Histories?

Google can also allow you to alter your history to delete only some applications. You can download these uninstalled apps again by searching for them together in the search box. Follow the steps below to remove the Google Play Store app download logs on your Android phone.

Launch and open the Play Store app on your smartphone.
Make sure to tap your profile’s icon on the upper-right side.
Within the menu, you will see Select Manage Apps and then Device.

Click to manage. On the Manage tab, you’ll see all the currently installed applications on your phone.
To view your download history, click the Installed icon and choose Uninstalled. The list will show each app you have used to install but have not installed.

Remove apps from the list by pressing the checkbox that appears next to an application. There’s no opportunity to choose all apps on the list in one go; therefore, you must select each app you wish to eliminate.
Once you’re finished, tap the delete icon in the upper right corner, then select Remove for the final step.

Through the Google Play Store app

The most effective method is to have direct access to Google’s Play Store app, which is the preferred method to erase the Google Play Store search history. These steps can be followed:

Launch Google Play Store. Google Play Store app.
The app menu can be opened using the slide feature to the left of the phone’s screen or by pressing the menu with three lines in the upper left.
Click “Settings.”
Within the “General” portion of the Settings In the General section, you’ll be able to see”General” and the opportunity to “Clear local search history.” Select that opportunity and verify your choice if you are asked.
It should erase all your search history on Google’s Google Play Store and leave users with a new search bar, allowing you to start your new search history. This is simple and should take only just a couple of minutes!

How long does Google keep deleted history?

If you erase the history of your searches on Google, when you delete your search history on Google accounts, Google eliminates the history from use and view but doesn’t erase the server’s data. They are kept for two months, which allows users to retrieve the search history if they suffer an accidental deletion.

Each click, phrase or page you browsed can allow Google to build a distinctive image of a business they can profit from. Here we’ve provided ways to block Google from earning money off of your data from browsing. But you’ll need a VPN to stop third parties from tracking your browser’s activities.

Final Thought

Do not become an app to accumulate data. As you’d at the house, you may need to get rid of all Play Store records and data you no longer need. It could be a good idea to save yourself time and stress for the future if you are consistent with it.

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