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how to download music to your phone for free

Every Music Lover cannot go for a whole week without exploring and downloading the latest song. It’s not because they cannot live without music, but it has become an integral aspect of their lives.

It’s indeed going to be for many music enthusiasts, including myself since I’m an avid fan of great music regardless of the genre. I can say with certainty that my situation is I’m not able to be able to go for three days or more without looking for new music to download.

As you’re probably aware, the massive internet has many websites hosting music for customers to download. However, they might require users to subscribe or pay for tracks or complete several tedious tasks before being granted the ability to download.

That’s how hard it can be to search the internet for your most-loved tracks. The best websites to access all your preferred ways aren’t all about your intellect because the chance of landing on a website that could waste your time is very high.

How to Download Music From Your Computer to Your Phone

You can transfer the music you own on your computer into your phone using the USB cable. Here’s how:

Connect your mobile to your computer via a USB cable for connection.

If you get a pop-up box asking permission to access the phone’s information Tap Allow.

You can open a folder on a computer and select the music files you want to transfer to your phone. You can open a different folder and go through the phone’s music directory.

You can download the application using a Mac and then run Android File Transfer. After installation, start Android File Transfer and open the music folder on your phone.

Drag the albums or tracks you wish to download from your computer folder into your phone’s music directory.

Download Music Files Using a Browser

There is a myriad of websites online that allow you to save music straight to your device. If your phone is equipped with an all-inclusive web browser that runs on it, you could perform the same process there. Visit the website, select the download option, and download the files to the device’s storage.

It is possible to use the Android or iOS apps to transfer your music collection from its default download location to the music folder to ensure the music library becomes more manageable.

There are a lot of great music websites that are free on the internet, but be aware not to download copyrighted music. Notably from websites that have a higher possibility of hosting malware!

YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library YouTube Audio Library is mainly targeted at those who require the use of royalty-free music in their videos. However, anyone with an account on YouTube can access the library through YouTube Studio and download the songs they like.

By these terms, you can use the tracks in whatever content you create; it’s not restricted to videos. It is also possible to use how videos are monetized on YouTube. YouTube platform.

Every song has a sample available to listen to by clicking the Play icon. If you like the sound, hit the Download button.


Audiomack is a collection of millions to thousands of songs from various genres of music and artists. Apart from the free download of music, you can also upload it. Audiomack functions like YouTube by letting you follow your preferred musicians and get their music at no cost as they release.

Additionally, certain songs are accessible for download on a subscription-based basis. The artist’s name is the only determining factor, however. The app also offers in-app purchases. This is a flaw since it is possible that you won’t be able to take advantage of the download for free when the desired music isn’t included in the free price.

However, many more songs are available on the app than you can imagine and are free to download.

Cloud Music Player – Listener

There is no limit to listening to your music stored on cloud services. There isn’t a built-in player for the iPhone to play this kind of music. It is possible to use the one below – Listener. It’s a very user-friendly player that gives access to all media files on the cloud and is fast enough to read every music format.

The player is convenient for its use in that you can swiftly change between various sources for music and download songs, check out all the pieces these services provide, and view your playlists. Additionally, you can download music with WiFi transfer.

By Click Downloader

If you’re planning to download videos such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, and Vimeo and transform them into MP3, we highly suggest By Click Downloader. Created specifically for Windows PCs, it is entirely secure and the highest-quality video converter and downloader on the market. By Click Downloader is a reliable and fast video downloader. By Click Downloader, it’s possible to convert videos to MP3, download playlists, live content, video subtitles, and much more. The most impressive feature is the integrated integration it provides with major browsers. It detects that you are within a video or an image, and whenever you paste the webpage URL, it displays an ad-hoc window asking you whether you would like to get the contents in various formats.

Download music for free and get dancing!

There is a debate about why you should download songs for free when they could stream them for free in 2022. Streaming online music is excellent, but what do you do if your mobile connection isn’t working or your WiFi connection isn’t working? This is why you require offline music. And the most appealing thing is that you can bring your most loved songs wherever you go for no cost.

This is why I’ve listed the websites mentioned above according to their ease of use and popularity. But it is my opinion that Internet Archive is the best music download site because I can locate the majority of artists there. If you aren’t happy with that, SoundCloud is the perfect location to download music legally from the internet.

If you’re not happy with these sites, We’ve compiled an extensive list of free radio apps, and you can discover new music.

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