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how to enable screen sharing on zoom

While you might not have anticipated it in 2019, knowing how Zoom can share your screen with others is an essential skill for modern living.

As more people work from home and their families need to remain in touch, video chat has become a hugely popular app.

Zoom group videoconferencing quickly proved to be a great alternative to traditional in-person meetings. Zoom provides clear video and audio to replicate a meeting room. Zoom also allows you to share your screen to show your coworkers what you are doing.

Zoom also lets you see your desktop differently. It allows you to highlight which window you want, making it easy to hide embarrassing details.

This is why it happens and what can be done to fix it.

Zoom automatically plays audio from your microphone. This makes sense because Zoom meetings allow you to speak during them. However, you can easily change your settings to allow you to share your Zoom screen with the audio or video.

Only you have to know what buttons and where to search.

We’ll show you how to share the screen on Zoom with Audio.

Here are steps to allow screen sharing by participants at a single meeting.

  1. Zoom meeting: click the arrow near Share Screen and choose Advanced Sharing Options.
  2. Choose All Participants to be included under the Who can share? Section.

Participant Screen Sharing is Enabled for All Meetings By Default

  1. Visit Click on Sign In.
  2. You can click Settings on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Scroll down on the Meetings tab to the Screen Sharing heading. Select All Participants in the Who can share section and click Save.

How can I turn off screen sharing?

Let’s look at how to end sharing so you can close your presentation gracefully. There are a variety of ways to stop sharing.

Zoom’s bottom center will prompt you to stop sharing.

Or, you can click Stop Share in Zoom’s upper right-hand corner.

The Screen Recording icon is located in the status bar.

Navigate to the Control Center. To record the screen, click on the red Screen Recording icon.

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