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How to Fix a Broken TV Screen

Television is a personal item in our life. It does more than entertain us and informs us of what’s going on all around us It also serves to bring families together from different homes when we enjoy the most loved TV and movie shows with our families. Despite the age of mobile phones, there are plenty of people who would rather watch television over mobile. It’s not a secret that it’s scary when your television’s screen gets damaged.

A damaged television screen isn’t something that is often seen. However, when it does happen it is not the fault of a random mechanic who can take on the job of fixing it. Instead, only those who know the task inside and out are the ones to be sought.

Additionally, here are some essential tips and things, straight from our experts that you should consider before proceeding ahead with your cracked TV screen repair

Why do TV screens are so expensive?

If you purchased your TV recently, chances are likely that it was made in China. Particularly that’s the BOE Technology factory is located in Hefei which is the capital city of the Chinese province of Anhui Province.

The BOE factory, where the majority of US television screens are produced currently, is an entire mile and costs around 7 billion dollars to construct! Sony, Samsung, LG, Vizio, etc. all purchase the TV screen from BOE.

The process of building an LCD screen for a TV is very complicated. For an LCD screen, for instance:

“Liquid Crystal Display screens are created by joining two glass sheets together. On one of them, transistor “cells” are formed by first placing a layer of Tin Oxide (ITO) it is an uncommon metal alloy that can be able to see. This is how you get electrical signals in the center of a screen.

Then, you apply an insulating layer of silicon which is then followed by a process, which creates millions of precisely-shaped transistor components. The patterning process continues to create tiny, tiny cells for each dot (known as pixels) that appears on the screen. Each step must be precisely aligned with the one before it within the range of a few millimeters. Keep in mind that the average human hair has a diameter of 40 microns. in size.”

Is it possible to repair an unusable LCD Television screen?

It can cost you up to $100 or more for the repair of damaged LCD TV screens. You can repair TV screens but it’s a significant repair. It typically means replacing the entire panel. The cost of replacing a screen is often as or even more expensive than the price of a brand new TV.

How do you repair a damaged LCD screen at your home?

LCD monitors are brimming with complicated components, and it’s not uncommon for them to experience issues. A majority of problems that don’t involve damage can be addressed at home.

Repairing “Dead” Pixels

A common, yet frequently minor problem with screen monitors for computers and TVs alike is “dead” pixels or pixels which appear to be stuck in one color or excessively bright pixels. Although it can be an indication of irreparable physical damage, most of the time it can be resolved quickly and efficiently and spare your flat-screen television repair costs.

Cover a pencil or any other objects that are narrow and dull in a soft, damp (non-abrasive) cloth
The dead pixels should be rubbed lightly to “wake up” those pixels. Be careful because rubbing too hard could cause permanent damage to pixels.

How to avoid a broken TV screen

There are many various ways to reduce the possibility of your TV screen breaking. You can:

Purchase a TV screen protector for your TV. You can purchase one that is a protective cover for your TV, and shields it from harm, and some are waterproof! They offer great protection against possible impacts and bumps from children and pets.
Place your television on the walls. This will keep your TV elevated off the ground and is out of your reach. Your kids won’t be able to stop them from throwing toys at it but they won’t knock it over or accidentally drop things or people into it.
Don’t let video games in. It might be a bit harsh (especially for children) however, I’ve heard too many tales concerning Nintendo Wii controllers being accidentally thrown at the TV. If you don’t connect an electronic game console to the TV and don’t have a TV, this won’t be a possibility.

How much will it cost to replace a damaged TV screen?

On average, TV screen repairs can cost anywhere from $200 and $400. But, it’s not uncommon to not be able to repair the screen. Screens are typically among the most expensive components of the television and are also one of the most vulnerable to impacts and damage.

How do you repair a damaged screen on a monitor?

Replacing them or repairing your screen on your own Rebuilding your monitor or laptop can appear daunting however the reality is that it’s quite simple if you’ve got the right tools and time. A damaged laptop or computer screen repair is usually completed at home, however, an issue that is not working can require more skill.

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