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how to fix keyboard keys not working

It is possible to be in a scenario where you’re typing an essential work on Windows 10, and suddenly the keyboard isn’t working!!

We can understand the frustration when you are faced with this problem. Don’t worry, we’ve got the best solutions for this “keyboard stopped working” error.

However, as we all know, there are a variety of solutions on the internet and we’re not able to try every single one individually. To make this a reality, we’ve put together a top resolution that can help you get rid of keyboard errors.

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The keyboard attached to your computer, whether a desktop or laptop, can help you type text while performing various tasks using the many keyboard shortcut keys. However, some users have reported that specific keys do not work with Windows 11.

The issue can be found on desktops as well as laptops. Although you’ll have to take some time to resolve the issue on the latter, most users replace their keyboards for the second.

However, it’s not the best method. Most of the time, this is a minor problem that can be eliminated through a comprehensive and systematic method.

Before you decide to go ahead and replace the keyboard, review the sections below if the keys aren’t working correctly within Windows 11.

What do you do if the keys on your keyboard do not work within Windows 11?

Look for any evidence underneath the keys.

The first step in dealing with the issue is to see if there’s dirt or other debris buried between the keys which do not function on Windows 11.

If you spot any, you can try to remove the dust. It is possible to blow air around to eliminate the dust build-up gently. If debris is stuck to the keyboard and you are not sure how to get it out, It is recommended to bring the keyboard to a repair shop.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to determine whether there’s something stuck beneath the keys since they’re not pressing precisely the same way as those that work. If this is the case, then the issue must be solved at this point. However, if the issue persists, try the next option.

Run Keyboard Troubleshooter

If your keyboard isn’t working correctly, you could run your Keyboard Troubleshooter. To be clear, downloading anything is unnecessary because Windows 11 comes with a built-in troubleshooter that can be used for this purpose.

To use Keyboard Troubleshooter to run Keyboard Troubleshooter, follow these steps:

Enter Win+I and open Windows Settings.

Try SystemSystem> Troubleshoot. Other Troubleshooters.

Find the Keyboard Troubleshooter.

Hit on the Run button.

After that, you must follow the instructions on the screen to finish the job.

Reinstall the driver for your keyboard

Use Windows + S to launch the Search menu. Type in the word Device Manager within the Text box at the top, then click on the relevant results. Result.Device Manager to fix windows 11 keys that aren’t working.

Click twice on the keyboards entry to expand and see the devices under it. Keyboards

Right-click on the keyboard that is malfunctioning. Select the malfunctioning keyboard, then Uninstall devices from the context menu. Uninstall the device to correct Windows 11 keys that aren’t functioning.

Click Uninstall at the prompt for confirmation that comes up.Click Uninstall

Then, restart your SystemSystem, and Windows will automatically install the latest driver for the keyboard.

If the driver currently installed for your keyboard is corrupted, You may notice that some keys aren’t functioning. If this is the situation, it’s recommended to reinstall the driver. To detect a damaged driver, check for a warning symbol in the corner of the device’s icon.

Power reset your laptop.

This is the first step you can try if you notice the keys of your laptop that are not working. To power reset your laptop:

Switch off your laptop

Remove all peripheral devices (flash disk, external monitor, flash disk, etc.) from your laptop.

Unplug the power cord on your laptop.

Take the battery off the laptop (if you can remove it).

Hold and press the power button of your laptop for 15 seconds.

Connect the battery to your laptop

Attach the power connector to the laptop.

Switch on your laptop to see whether this fixes your laptop’s keyboard.

How to Fix Your Keyboard Not Working by Updating the Keyboard Driver

A corrupt or outdated driver could be the cause of why your keyboard isn’t working.

*You can upgrade your driver for your keyboard by following the steps in the following article:


First step: right-click Start and choose Device Manager.


Step 2: Expand Keyboards.

3. Right-click the keyboard that is affected and choose Update driver.

Step 4: Search automatically for the most recent driver software.

Your computer will search the internet for the most recent drivers and install them.

I hope the tips in this article will aid you in fixing your keyboard.

How Do You Fix a Dead Key on a Mechanical Keyboard?

If you’ve got a broken button on mechanical keyboards, you can fix this by replacing the switch. Each is equipped with a mechanical switch beneath it, and it’s possible to replace the switches in a single. If you own the option of a hot-swappable keyboard, it is possible to pop the switch off using the correct tool and place a new switch on the existing one.

You can also repair dead keys on a mechanical keyboard soldered with a replacement key. However, it’s more complex than replacing the switch on a keyboard that can be hot-swapped. It is necessary to remove the solder joints connecting your keyboard to the switch, then replace the switch, then solder into an alternative switch. If you’re not confident working with soldering, this Repair should be left to experts.

Make use of an external keyboard.

If you’ve tried every one of the steps listed above but haven’t been able to repair the laptop keyboard or mousepad keys, you can still utilize your laptop without too much hassle. Utilize an external keyboard to begin to get your work completed.

When you have enough time, you must take your laptop to an authorized service center or contact an experienced and certified laptop or PC engineer to repair the laptop’s touchpad or keyboard.

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