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How to freeze location on find my iphone

However, this is about showing an exact location on “Find my Friends.” You can use a workaround if your other iOS device (e.g., an iPad or iPod Touch) is available and you are willing and capable to leave it behind.

Find My Friends (or “Find My” in iOS 13) only reports your current Location from one device. But you can select which device to say this. Your friends won’t be able to see the device being used.

It is simple to disable Find My Friends. Tap on your name at the top. Tap on Find My. Tap on Share My Location to turn it off.

You can use Find Me to open an iPad and tap the “Me” tab. Then, click “Use my iPad as My location” to have your iPad become the device that reports your location to your friends. The iPad will appear to be at home even if you leave it at home. It can also be done with an iPod touch.

How to Freeze Location in Find My iPhone

You can freeze your Location using Find My iPhone by opening the app and signing in.
Tap on the three lines at the top left of the screen.
Next, choose “Settings.” Scroll down until you see “Share My Location.”
Turn the switch next to “Freeze Place” to “On.”

Is it possible for someone to stop sharing a location?

The following steps will allow you to disable sharing your Location with everyone: Click on “Settings” and Go to “Find Me.” Select “Share My Position,” and you’re done!

There are two essential things you need to remember:

If you’re a member of a Family Sharing Group, everyone in that family group can see your exact location. The Find My Friends app or the “Friends” tab on Find My will still show you your reporting device. However, Find My iPhone will display all of your devices and their locations. If you want to pretend that your parents or siblings are there, this won’t work.

If you have a service plan for a cellular Apple Watch (with a service plan) and have set up your iPhone as the device that automatically reports your location, it will note from your Apple Watch even if it’s not connected. You can still use your Apple Watch to report your Location even if you’re not using it. This works only when your iPhone is set up as your location source. Disable cellular data on the Apple Watch to go off-grid with your iPhone.

How to Stop Sharing Your iPhone’s Location

Share My Location is an option that allows you to hide your Location via Find My Friends, iMessage, and iMessage.

You will be invisible to your friends and family.

This is how you disable Location sharing from your iPhone.
To stop sharing your location using your iPhone.

Open Settings
Tap on the name you wish to display.
Tap on Find My.
To turn off ShareMyLocation, tap on the toggle.
You can then share your Location with everyone you’ve added to Find My if you are ready.

It would help if you kept in mind that while these changes may hide your Location for friends and iMessage, they will not conceal your Location for law enforcement. If you share your location with someone else, they will show up on this screen to let you know.


Apple strives to make apps and services that help users. For example, Find my Friends allows users to share their Locations with their families and friends. You might want to pause an application at times. But it is vital to understand that you won’t be able to view other peoples’ locations if the app is broken. Even if they are Apple Geeks and know too much about iOS, they might be able to tell that you have just frozen/paused the Location. This is why you should be confident.

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