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how to get dead mans tale

Many new players who are just beginning to play “Destiny 2” may be thinking about how to obtain the Dead Man’s Tale. This unusual lever-action repeater was very popular when it was first introduced seasons ago.

Like other exotics from “Destiny 2,” the Dead Man’s Tale can be obtained through the quest. Contrary to other exotics, the scout rifle’s unique search is shorter and is relatively easy to complete, even when you’re with a friend.


Continue forward through Arm’s Dealer and take the right turn to the hangar. Image Bungie through Polygon
To gain access to your Presage quest and pursue the Dead Man’s Tale scout rifle To unlock the search, you must find the Distress Signal in the arm’s dealer Strike.

Start the Director, and choose your Arm’s Dealer Strike node in the EDZ. After landing in the first room, you must clear it off enemies as you usually would. Instead of smashing the door, and continuing in your quest, stay straight and enter the door that has been opened. You’ll see a hefty Cabal with an abundance of turrets. Kill him and his turret comrades. Proceed along the route and pick up an ice cube with the distress signal on the last landing platform.

Once you have the signal, You can proceed with the Strike as usual or quit immediately. When you’re back in orbit, return to the Tower and speak to Zavala. Zavala will take you on a mission to learn more about the ship.

Where can I get Dead Man’s Tale after The Witch Queen?

The Presage experience of revealing its secrets will not return; new players and veterans looking for the best Dead Man’s Tale role should be at ease knowing that it will still be in good health and well come to The Witch Queen.

The most annoying thing is that you’ll need to pay an enormous amount.

Where to buy Dead Man’s Tale

Every Friday, the elusive vendor Xur will appear within Destiny 2 with a few items to offer, including the Dead Man’s Tale scout rifle.

With a different perk every New week, Xur can provide the unusual weapon at the following price:

1 Ascendant Shard
1 Exotic Cipher
125,000 Glimmer
200 Legendary Shards
If you’re having difficulty finding Ascendant Shards, this guide will help you become more accessible.

How to get the Dead Man’s Tale Catalyst in Destiny 2

With the release of The Witch Queen, players can grab the Dead Man’s tale Catalyst, an unintentional drop from any activity completion in the playlist if you have the weapon. If you’re interested in getting Dead Man’s Tale, you must purchase Beyond Light since the Exotic is linked to the expansion.

Bungie confirmed it was releasing Dead Man’s Tale Catalyst would be removed from the playlist and solitary out Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit; however, it’s not clear whether it’s compatible with Battlegrounds which will be part of the brand new Vanguard Ops playlist.

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