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how to get rid of skunk smell

Removal of skunks can be a complex process that must handle by a trained professional. Anyone who a skunk wakes will know the results of burning and watery eyes, a sour smell, and breathing problems, even if it’s not a problem for the person. The smell of skunks can enter your home from a myriad of sources. For example, you or your pet could be mistreated, or a skunk might spray something else outside your home.

Find out below about signs that you might have an issue with skunks, learn more information about the places skunks dwell and the best way to rid yourself of skunks and how to eliminate skunk smell for yourself or your pet, and how Skedaddle could help resolve your skunk issues,

How To Get Skunk Smell Out of the House

Skunk smell can last for days or even weeks, according to the intensity. Here are some helpful tips to eliminate the skunk smell in your home.

  • Make sure all your windows are open to let in as much sun as possible, to degrade the odor and decrease its life span. Also, you can run the fan of your heating central or cooling system to circulate air.
  • Put vinegar-filled bowls in every room for two to three days. Be sure that they are safe from the reach of curious pets and children. You can also put the vinegar into plastic containers and make holes in the lids. The vinegar will absorb and neutralize the smell.
  • Place any bedding, clothing, or other laundry-friendly fabrics in a washing machine set at the highest temperature. Add 1/2 teaspoon baking soda to the load, and add the regular detergent. Launder, and repeat the wash process a few times. Ensure you air dry your laundry outdoors if you can rather than putting your clothes in the dryer since the heat of the dryer can cause the smell to be baked in your clothes.
  • Choose an extensive steam cleaning for carpets, couches, curtains, mattresses, and other soft surfaces that are not washable.
  • For surfaces made of hard materials, using a ratio of 1:9, bleach and water can eliminate the smell. Make sure you try it on a small amount to ensure that the bleach won’t alter the color or cause damage to the surface.

How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell on a Pet

If a skunk has sprayed on your dog, don’t worry. Use this method from the Humane Society of the United States:

Mix one quart of three percent hydrogen peroxide with 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap before you use it, but not before use.
Use rubber gloves while applying the solution and keep it away from the pet’s mouth and eyes.
Rinse right away, and then follow it up with shampoo for pets. Some pet shampoos are designed to neutralize the smell of skunks, like this one.

De-skunking Tips

Be sure to eliminate the smell from the people’s pets, items, and people as quickly and thoroughly as possible. The longer an odor remains present on any object more excellent the difficulty it is to eliminate.
If you’re able, do outside and work so that you don’t breathe the smell into your home or spill the oil on furniture, carpets, or other household objects.
Take a shower thoroughly and wash with hot water following any de-skunking treatment.
If the skunks heavily sprayed clothes or other things, you may decide to throw them away because the material could keep the odors of skunks for quite a long duration.


But, degreasing solutions made of hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar combined with baking soda and dishwashing fluid will more effectively neutralize the odors of skunks. The ratios of these ingredients can vary between recipes. However, it is the Humane Society has tested and approved the following methods for eliminating skunk smell both on pets and yourself:

1 quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide (available in the form of a prescription at almost every drug retailer)
1/4 cup baking soda
1 tablespoon liquid dishwashing soap

Specific pet and veterinary stores offer commercial skunk smell removal products. Most of these items depend on a non-toxic chemical, Neutroleum Alpha, to neutralize the smell of skunks. Whichever method you decide to use, make sure you adhere to the safety guidelines of the manufacturer and follow their guidelines.

What Can You Use to Get Rid of Skunk Smell?

A variety of chemically-formulated deodorizers are available specifically designed to eliminate the smell of an animal. Many people do not have these products available; however, it is imperative to act quickly when a skunk has attacked the pet or you. Combining everyday household products could be equally efficient in removing unwanted odors. Here are the items you’ll need to keep in your kitchen:

Hydrogen peroxide
Baking soda
Liquid dish soap
Laundry detergent
White vinegar
Rubber gloves
Scrub brushes
Towels and Rags

How do you eliminate the smell of skunks in your home?

It is essential to ensure that your pet is kept in a secure area after being spray-dried by a skunk until you’ve treated them with good products. If some of that stink of skunks makes it to your home, There are several ways to alleviate the smell. The boiling of vinegar inside a saucepan is a DIY method that has been found to be safe and effective in removing the smell of skunk within. Just setting up open vinegar bottles in rooms that smell (away from children and pets who could spill them or drink them, obviously) could be helpful as vinegar can absorb smells over a few days.
Liquid bleach can remove the smell of rugged outdoor surfaces such as your porch and deck. Be sure to dissolve the bleach with the water before using it (one one-cup of bleach per one gallon of water works great). Also, try a small area to test as it may cause discoloration. If it’s unable to vanish entirely in a matter of minutes, you’ll need patience. Trying one of these methods may require several times before it is completely gone.

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