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how to get someone off your best friends list

Friendships are almost always advantageous; it doesn’t matter whether we meet with our pals in a café or talk on social media sites, specifically Snapchat. If you are talking about your Snapchat acquaintances, including whether they’re your usual buddies or those you have pinned as your “best friends.” In some instances, it’s apparent that maintaining a good relationship with a man isn’t any more comfortable, and your Snapchat friends list requires an immediate update.

How do you remove people from your Snapchat top list of friends even if you don’t want to keep it? It’s much simple than you imagine. This detailed tutorial will examine ways to remove someone from your top list of friends and change your Snap friend emojis to change emojis. Additionally, you will be taught how to alter the emojis for your friends on Snap.

What Does Snapchat Best Friend Mean?

If you spot an emoji with a heart next to someone with whom you’ve been in constant contact for an extended period, then Snapchat will classify you two as “Best Friends.” Likewise, you’ll notice the smiley emoji “that is placed right next to the person’s screen name within the chat area.

If someone remains your top friend and you keep them around, they’ll have “next to their name. They will also be referred to as Besties. If they remain in the top spot for over two weeks, Snapchat will name them BFF and give them the “Emoji. If they can become your best friend for over two months, Snapchat names the person “Super BFF” and shows an “in front of their name.

The snaps you send to your friends as a text message will disappear when your friend sees the message. This is a unique feature of Snapchat. Snapchat application. If you use Facebook messenger, you’ll have a similar feature in which you can set the timer to erase your messages. However, the feature to disappear messages is only available on Snapchat’s secret messaging.

Remove Someone From Best Friends by Deleting Them

The first option is the most straightforward if you wish to obliterate a contact from your friend list. Here’s how to do it:

Launch your application and click on the Chat option in the lower left corner. It will bring you to your contacts list.

Select the friend you want to get rid of by clicking the Bitmoji Profile Icon, which will direct you to your friend’s profile.

You’ll see three tiny dots in the upper left corner, an ellipsis horizontally. Click them to view the choices to either block or delete to get in touch.

Removing the friend from your list is an interim option that allows them to contact you. If you decide to change your mind, you can return them at a later time. However, the process of blocking a friend can be more permanent. If you choose this option, you will not be able to eliminate them from your friend list but also remove yourself from their list. They won’t be able to check your Snap score ever again.

How Does Snapchat’s “Best Friends” Work?

The Best Friends list on Snapchat keeps track of who you frequently talk to. It’s on the right side of your preliminary list of friends, making these users more visible when posting your latest Snap.

How does Snapchat determine the people who your Best Friends are? It’s pretty straightforward.

You might have noticed that each user has a Snap Score, a measurement of the total amount of Snaps sent and received since the time they joined. Similar scores are attributable to conversations with your buddies. The more often you talk to someone in a row, the better the score of your friendship.

How can you remove someone from the Best Friend List?

Snapchat doesn’t provide a method to eliminate individuals from your top friend list. Snapchat gives you the top friends based on how long you remain in contact with them. If you often communicate with them regularly and share photos with them, often It’s more likely they’ll end up on your top list of best friends.

Take these actions to rid yourself of a person on your top friend list.

The speed of communication can be slow to:

The best method to eliminate an individual is to stop communicating with them. If you stop texting or sending photos and they’ll eventually be eliminated. It could take a few days to remove them, based on the number of contacts there.

If you’re a person with a lot of friends and you talk to lots of people, you’ll have the opportunity to make numerous good friends.

What Are Snapchat Best Friends, Anyway?

Most of your best friends are those you spend the most time with. It’s possible not to consider these individuals to be those you are closest to in the real world. If you’re snapping them frequently and often, Snapchat will place a tiny emoji next to the names of those you’ve met to symbolize your relationship.

How to Delete Friends on Snapchat

Move the chat function to the camera’s left to tap on the Best Friend profile icon, then double-tap to delete the friend. It is also possible to block these friends if you want to.

The removal of a friend isn’t forever. It’s easy to reverse it. However, your Snapchat friend can still reach you if he wants to. Blocking a Snapchat friend will make the process better. The person won’t view the Snap Score, and they’ll think you blocked them.

If you want to remain friends with them, you don’t need to stop them. You must reduce the number of Snap streaks or snaps that you send. It’s insane to send out so many Snapchat streaks repeatedly. It may be entertaining when you’re a child, but it can be absurd to adults.


It’s fun to converse with one another on Snapchat. You met just a month ago, be it you or someone else. You can have fun by sharing funny and engaging pictures every single day. Be sure to keep in mind the emojis for friends on Snapchat. They will appear next to the display name you’re speaking to.

Therefore, follow the earlier steps to take someone off your top friend list on Snapchat. You can do the same for other friends who have (receive) other Snapchat friends’ Emojis.

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