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how to get the most fps in csgo

The players of CS: GO are constantly seeking ways to boost the FPS (Frames Per Second) to their maximum limit. To achieve this, they are willing to push the systems to their maximum. However, this is extremely risky as it can cause system failure and not produce positive results over an extended time. The best way to increase the performance of your system is to optimize your game and the entire system, which will increase FPS when playing CS: GO. This will be more effective over the long term providing players with an experience that is more consistent across all of their games.

Let’s examine the various reasons that could lead to an FPS decrease initially. Then we’ll discuss strategies to boost the game’s efficiency and the system. These methods will undoubtedly result in a rise in FPS. However, the extent to which the increase will occur will depend on several aspects, including the kind of system used by a player.

What is the reason? Does FPS decrease?

Every year, FPS becomes more demanding on PC capabilities. Game updates or the extension of specific cards can cause FPS drops even on PCs with medium configurations. It is possible to think that the game is becoming more demanding.

We gathered opinions from professional players, analyzed the detailed suggestions of a few players on REDDIT, and then created guidelines on how to improve FPS for CSGO.

We have not added any information on special software or FPS boosters that aren’t appropriate for us.

These suggestions will do nothing to your PC and help you optimize your gaming performance and improve your average FPS.

In CS: GO, how do I disable Core 0?

Start CS: GO, then navigate to Task Manager. Right-click CSGO.exe and select “Go to Details,” then find and click CSGO.exe again. Remove the checkmark Core 0 after clicking “set affinity” on the left.

What’s up that’s causing the fact that my CSGO FPS is low?

Many reasons can cause low FPS (see this video to determine how to monitor your CS: GO FPS). However, the most prevalent are: Continuous game updates make it harder to play on your computer. It’s possible that your PC isn’t configured correctly, or you’ve got multiple tasks running.

What can I do to increase the performance of my CSGO FPS?

Start the STEAM Library Choose CS: GO. Click on Properties, Then select YOUR Launch Options and type in the below commands: -freq x (60 75, 120, 120, 144, 240)Hz – Display refresh rate. High – Runs the game using high priority.

CSGO FPS Optimization Guide

This page will provide all possible causes for FPS drops and ways to address each. There is no pressure to install harmful software, and these strategies are risk-free for your computer. They’re just simple procedures to help your computer function better, and more power is allocated to CSGO, which means that you’ll get an increase in FPS by following these guidelines.


The setting you adjust in CS: GO will always positively affect the FPS. You can change the resolution of your game, turn off specific effects, or decrease other options’ graphic intensity. All of these options should undoubtedly increase your FPS.

Most of what you’ll find when you go to the settings tab is essential. But the ones that can make a huge impact are Global Shadow Quality and Multicore Rendering. After turning one option on to “Low,” there should be a substantial FPS boost and disable the second. Naturally, it also comes at an expense, and in this case, it could affect the quality of your game.

In the end, the FPS during the game depends on a few significant aspects, such as your monitor. Professional players in CS: utilize high-refresh rate monitors because it makes the game appear more smooth. Therefore, the greater your speed, the softer and more FPS you will get.

Modify the settings of your graphics card.

Making adjustments to your graphics card settings is another critical step to increasing the FPS of CS Go. Follow the steps below to change the settings of your graphics card:

1. On your keyboard, you can simultaneously press the Windows symbol key and the R to launch the Run dialog. After that, type control and enter Enter to start Control Panel. Control Panel.

2. Check out your Control Panel by Large icons.

3. Choose NVIDIA Control Panel to open it.

4. Select 3D Settings and click the option to adjust image settings using preview. Select Use my preferred accentuating and move down the slide to the left.

Troubleshoot Performance Problems

Be sure that you’re CSGO files are current and up to date. Within the Steam library, click on the application and choose Properties. Then, a new tab will pop up, and you’ll be required to select Verify integrity of game files on the Local Files tab. It will take minutes to download and replace any corrupt or missing CSGO Game files.

Can I boost FPS in CS: GO without upgrading my PC?

It’s even more critical when you’ve seen a drop in FPS lately and you’ve not altered anything in your specification. Most of the time, using these commands and clearing your system can help improve your frame rates.

Is it possible to boost FPS in CS: GO with an unreliable computer?

It’s all about your specs, including the graphics card, processor, and RAM. Commands and cleaning Windows could help, but should you still experience FPS issues; you should consider buying a new computer.

Temporary Files

Your hard drive may be overflowing with unneeded files. They can cause a slowdown if they are not cleaned properly. You can erase your temporary files by hand or employ PC cleaner programs like CCleaner. These programs are typically the most effective option as they will maintain your hard drive clear for you. To remove your temporary files, type %temp% into your taskbar’s search box and click enter. The new directory will pop up. Be sure to delete all contents of the temporary file folder.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an extremely popular first-person shooter, with part of its mass appeal likely attributable to its excellent optimization for PC hardware. The game runs at playable frame rates on virtually every modern PC, even inexpensive laptops. However, competitive players might want framerates higher than 60 FPS, which is the norm. Gamers with 144Hz monitors are likely to desire maximum performance from their monitors, and CS: GO is a multiplayer game that’s feasible with relatively low-cost equipment.

We hope this guide provided you with the PC hardware needed to run CSGO to your complete satisfaction. If you’d like to conduct more research about PC hardware, check out our PC hardware list on our home page.

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