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How to Get Twitter Blue on Android

It’s been a fantastic ride on Twitter verification in the past couple of years. Verifying your account by Twitter is when a user wears the blue check mark at the bottom of their profile. This was the way Twitter discovered notable accounts, but the process has evolved and evolved. In the past, it was necessary to ask for confirmation on Twitter, but now, anyone with a Twitter Blue account ($11/month) with an actual phone number can be verified by Twitter.

In this paper, we’ll provide a brief overview of the process of becoming verified on Twitter and go through the steps needed to be verified 2024 on Twitter by 2024. We’ll also look into whether it’s worth trying verification.

What exactly is Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue or X Premium is a premium subscription provided by X that offers enhanced features for its customers. With a monthly cost, customers can avail themselves of many benefits like dedicated support from a customer service representative and access to special features designed to boost their Twitter user experience.

The requirements, costs as well as Payment Method

If you sign up to X, you must verify the number on your phone during registration. Once you’ve signed up, changing the profile photo display name, display name, and username (@handle) could temporarily cause the blue checkmark to be lost. The situation will continue until the account is checked to warrant that it complies with the requirements. Furthermore, extra changes can not be made during the assessment time.

Regarding the cost for Twitter Blue, the price depends on the location you sign up for the service. If you choose to sign up for Twitter Blue through your web browser, the monthly plan costs $8 per month, while the annual plan costs $7 each month.

The process of getting the Twitter Blue via the app

If you’re purchasing Twitter Blue from the app and are a new user, the price is INR 900 per month, referred to as Premium. This option gives you access to most features, like quick replies and edits to posts, posting more videos and customization.

The write-article service cannot be included in this package. To get that service, you must buy PremiumPlus, which costs about R. 2150 per month, with zero ads.

Let’s look at how to get a Twitter blue.

Launch the X app on your phone

Select your profile icon located on the left corner of the app.

Select whether you want to sign up for a monthly or annual subscription.

Choose a premium feature from the options.

Then, push on to payment by providing your bank’s information.

How to sign up for Twitter Blue in a Web Browser

If these free ways of making your Twitter experience don’t seem to be enough for you, consider signing up to Twitter Blue with these steps:

If you don’t have one, visit Twitter’s site and log in to your account.

In the lower left-hand panel, choose Verified.

Twitter will request your name and email address (whether you’re a company or a company). Choose the individual opportunity and click on Subscribe.

Choose whether to purchase Twitter Blue every year ($84 for a 12-year subscription) discount of 12%) or per month ($8) on the following page.

After that, press the Price button on the right to open the payment page.

Then, type in the card details and Sign up to be a member of Twitter Blue.

There was a time when you had to click through menus for your account to access Twitter Blue, but now it’s available in the icon column on the left-hand side of the page. You can click it to learn more about Twitter Blue and sign up by choosing a plan and paying. It’s as simple as that.

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