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How To Get Windows 11 For Free

Microsoft’s cost-free Windows 11 upgrade from Windows 10 has begun being released. Microsoft has already started to provide the upgrade at no cost to hardware that is still running using Windows 10 before making Windows 11 available to all compatible hardware.

Most PCs that run Windows 10 can migrate to Windows 11, though. Windows 11 will require Intel 8th Gen Coffee Lake or Zen 2 CPUs and up with TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module) support 4GB of RAM and 64GB of space. The result is that millions of PCs cannot officially upgrade to Windows 11, although there are workarounds that will not be supported for those who really need Windows 11.

Microsoft is also expanding Windows 11, so the free upgrade is only available to some PCs that have been officially recognized. Every eligible PC is expected to receive this Windows 11 upgrade by mid-2022, as per Microsoft.

How do I download Windows 11?

Windows 11 users can download Windows 11 in the same manner as with any edition of Windows. Go to Settings > Update and Security Windows Update and select to check for updates. The update will show Feature updates to Windows 11. Install the Download and then install it.

It is also possible to use Microsoft’s Windows 11 Installation Assistant. Download the program and run it to ensure your device can run the software. After that, click Accept and Install to accept the license terms and begin the installation. Once the application is done installing, you’ll get a prompt to reboot your PC. Your PC may restart multiple times while finalizing the installation process but do not be worried. Keep your PC running until the installation is complete.

There are other choices, too; however, be aware that they are more complex. If you’re confident that you’re ready to move forward, you may design Windows 11 installation media or an ISO file. Microsoft’s page for downloading Windows 11 page has those procedures in greater depth.

Also, be aware that Windows 11 might not be installed on your device as a result of requirements for hardware.

Buy a new PC

In contrast to Windows 10, Microsoft has no time limit to upgrade for free from Windows 10, and there is no chance of introducing an upgrade date as Microsoft would like users to move.

Install Windows 11 Via Windows 10 Settings

It’s the easiest option. Go to Windows Update > Start, Settings, and Security Windows Update > Look for updates. Windows 11 will appear on your system if it can run it. Follow the prompts on the screen.

Install Windows 11 Manually (via Assistant)

1. Click on the “Windows 11 download page” link here. Windows 11 download page link here

2. For most users, I suggest the ‘Installation Assistant. However, there is also the option to make a boot drive to install cleanly

3. Once installed, please adhere to the instructions for installation.

4. Remember to choose the option of storing your data and applications

The process takes time and is lengthy; it will require several restarts and will need to have a Microsoft account. Several hacks are available, but this is fine for most people.

Can You Upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 11?

At one point, it was possible to update Windows 8 to Windows 11 using Windows Update. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.

Windows 11 came out nine years following Windows 8, so it’s likely not surprising that Microsoft stopped this no-cost way to install Windows in 2023. There’s currently no option for Windows 8 computers to upgrade to Windows 11 (or Windows 10).

As you’ll read in the following, it is possible to download Windows 11 on your Windows 8 machine. But it’s more flexible and straightforward than it was in the past.

Before You Upgrade to Windows 11

Before going any further, we need to confirm that your PC can operate Windows 11. It is possible to do this by downloading a program for free by Microsoft, which is available in the hyperlink. Your computer must satisfy the minimum requirements for your system to qualify for the program installation.

It would help if you also decided on the edition you want of Windows 11 you want. There are two versions: Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro.

If you’re installing the latest version of Windows 11 and you want to protect your files, you’ll have to back up the data you have, at a minimum, your most essential data. There won’t be any option to save them throughout the install.

How do I Download Windows 11 manually?

Microsoft suggests that you wait until Windows 11 to arrive on your computer; however, if you do not want to wait around, you could install it yourself. This is how you can accomplish this…

  • Click here to go to this page to download Windows 11. Windows 11 download page.
  • Download the Installation Assistant and install it by clicking “Download now.”
  • Select Run as the admin.
  • After your system has determined that it is compatible with the software, you can press “Accept and Install” once you’ve reviewed the terms of your license.

Upgrade to Windows 11 for free using the installation Assistant

If Windows Update isn’t allowing you to upgrade to Windows 11, you can use Microsoft’s Windows 11 Installation Assistant.

Step 1: Go to Step 1: Visit the Windows 11 download website and search for Windows 11 Installation Assistant. Windows 11 Installation Assistant. Choose the blue Download Now button.

Step 2: When it’s finished downloading, run the Windows11InstallationAssistant.exe and give administrator approval, if requested.

Step 3: Choose Accept and Install, indicating that you agree to the conditions and terms. After that, you can begin with the Windows 11 update process.

Step 4. The installation will continue without input from your part. The program will then download your Windows 11 installation media and launch the update. The process could take between 30 minutes. So you could wait, after which it will be an update for free that will upgrade to Windows 11 installed.

You can get Windows 11 for ‘free’ on new computer purchases.

If you’re looking to buy a new PC, it’s almost certain to purchase it equipped with Windows 11 as well, which means should you not want to purchase an additional Windows license but don’t possess a PC that can be upgraded, it could be your best option. You can also search to buy Windows 10 PCs and use the valid keys to upgrade the OS to Windows 11 for free using these methods.

It isn’t possible to upgrade on Windows 8 or 7 directly up to Windows 11, but if you’re running an older computer using a valid code and want to upgrade, it’s possible into Windows 10 first. Learn how to download Windows 10 for free, then check if you can upgrade to Windows 11 afterward.

How to Download Your Windows 11 Upgrade for Free for PC

Microsoft has just released Windows 11 as a free upgrade available to anyone who runs Windows 10. If you’re running an earlier version of Windows, you’ll have to first update to Windows 10 before you can take advantage of Windows 11 as a free upgrade. Windows 11 upgrade. There are two options to install Windows 11.

Upgrade using your current Windows 10 OS:

  1. Open the Start Menu and select the Settings icon.
  2. Select the section Update and Security. You’ll see the possibility of updating Windows.
  3. Select the Download and Install option, and then the installation will start.

Install and download Windows 11

Download the exe file. If you cannot update directly via Windows, Select the Download icon on the left sidebar. The page will be opened on the main Windows downloading page. Hit the Download Now button to download the file, which will download to your device.

Get it now! Windows 11 Before installing the upgrade, it’ll run a short scan of your system to verify that it is compatible with the prerequisites. If the computer can’t handle the upgrade, installation is terminated, after which you can resume with Windows 10. If your PC is compatible, follow the directions onscreen for the promotion to run on your PC.

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Coming Soon: Android Compatibility

One of the more exciting aspects that Microsoft announced is that it is compatible with most Android applications. It means that rather than downloading APK files using an emulator similar to Bluestacks and Bluestacks, you’ll be able to Download, install, and run applications directly on your PC. Microsoft, Google, and Amazon are all set that they will work together to achieve this. Instead of downloading applications from Google Play Store Google Play Store, you have to download them through the Amazon App Store and then be available on an application on the Microsoft Windows Store. Though it might sound complicated and a bit of an alternative, Microsoft’s Chief of Product Director Panos Panay promises that downloading and using Android applications will become “Smooth and Easy.”

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