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how to increase upload speed xfinity

When I moved into the Boston suburb just a few months ago, my first step was to search for an Internet provider since I didn’t want any interruption to our work. I also tried a T-Mobile hotspot in the past, but it was way too expensive for me, mainly when I watched films or uploaded YouTube videos. I was looking into Verizon Fios because I previously had excellent experiences with fiber-optic connections; however, the service isn’t accessible in my region.

After some investigation, I concluded that Comcast Xfinity offered the most effective choice and decided to give it an attempt. The plans start at 39 dollars per month, with a self-installation kit for free. I chose an option called Performance Pro Internet, which costs $49 per month for the first year. It also consists of a speed of downloading up 200Mbps. It is possible to reduce the price to $39/month if you choose to go with Paperless Bill and Automatic Payments. There was no mention of upload speeds in this article.

What is the significance of upload speeds?

Speedier upload speeds are demanded by students, businesses and telecommuters, content creators, and gamers.

You may need to upload your photos or audio on the internet or back up emails and documents on cloud storage.

Most services provide higher download speeds, but upload speeds typically fall between 10 and 20 Mbps.

Ideally, you’ll require a good few hours to upload raw footage in the region between hundreds and gigabytes. With 300 Mbps, you can get it accomplished in only a few minutes.

Companies require many employees to download and upload documents at the same time.

This is the place where upload speed plays the most significant role. Furthermore, higher-speed uploads are essential to:

Online classes and sending assignments
Video conferencing people
Online games and online gaming
Backup of important information
Apps like Google Documents, Dropbox, etc

The Speed of Uploading Xfinity is Increasing Xfinity Upload Speed

We’ll also talk about disabling third-party firewalls to improve upload speeds. However, before that, we’ll discuss three standard methods you can use to boost Xfinity upload speeds.

A Poor WiFi Connection

If the WiFi connection isn’t sufficient, it will not let you upload files. In some instances, the WiFi might be weak and slow, but it can still download and stream on the internet. Upload speeds generally suffer more frequently, with rates becoming slower or static.

Method #1: Resolve OS Issues

Sometimes it is because of an old OS, temporarily displaced junk data files, or an unsteady WiFi connection that are the primary issue behind the speed of upload problem on Xfinity. It is possible to take the following steps to fix the issue.

Step #1: Update Windows

On your desktop, click the Start button in the bottom left corner. Navigate to Settings > Update and Security and then click to open the Windows Update tab on the left sidebar. After that, click on the Check for Updates option to download the available updates.

Step #2: Deleting Temporary Files

Click the Start button on your desktop and type Disk Cleanup into the search box. Then, click Disk Cleanup, choose the drive you wish to clean and click OK. Select the temporary junk files types in the Files to delete option, and then click OK to remove them.

Step #3: Connect to an Ethernet Connection

If the steps mentioned above do not help to improve the uploading speed, deactivate your computer’s WiFi connection and use one of the Ethernet cables to link to the Xfinity router or modem. It would be best to wait for the internet connection to be restored automatically.

Step 4: Troubleshoot Modem/Router

Make sure that the modem/router is lit. Modem/Router.
Verify your Power Supply and Cables to ensure the cables are not bent or loose.
Reboot the modem/router to resolve any technical issues that may arise temporarily.

Step 5: Scan Your PC

Click the icon for Start on your desktop. Then, go to Settings > Update and Security. Continue to Virus & threat protection, Scan options. Then click Windows Defender Offline scan. Choose Scan Now and wait for Windows to finish the Scan.

Resisting these issues on the PC will help improve Xfinity upload speeds.

Update and scan the PC

Check to ensure that your PC is up-to-date with the latest version. Older versions of driver versions and operating systems could create network issues.

Also, it would help if you scanned your computer for potentially malicious software or malware that could further slow it.

PCs store many temporary data, and cleaning them can be a solution.

Speed improvements supersede price reductions.

Comcast’s speed boost is a strategy it and the other cable providers typically use to fight rising competition for broadband. Instead of getting involved in an ongoing price war fuelled by price cuts, they’ve instead focused on gaining and keeping customers by increasing the value of services through free speed increases.

Comcast has also attempted to increase the value of its residential broadband service by offering Xfinity Flex, an intelligent streaming device for homes that are available at no cost to broadband-only customers.


It isn’t easy to have uninterrupted download speeds yet not be able to upload a single video to YouTube. There are many reasons for this to be the case, from malware to excessive network traffic or even too inadequate of a data plan. However, there are a few solutions to get this fixed and faster upload speeds using Xfinity internet.

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