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How To Leave A Group Text Android

This wiki shows users how to erase or silence a text message in a group discussion with Android. It is the only method to delete a group text message; however, if you get an additional message in this same thread, that thread will be displayed within your email inbox.

How do you exit RCS chats in groups on Google Messages for Android

Google allows you to leave an RCS discussion group. In the past, turning off a chat group was only possible. Now, you also have the possibility of leaving chats that were in the group altogether.

  1. Open Google Messenger on your mobile.
  2. Select the chat group you wish to leave.
  3. Tap the menu with three dots on the right-hand side of the screen and select Group information.
  4. Select the option to leave the group in the lower right.
    Anyone in the group chat can eliminate any other members from the group chat. Click the menu with three dots beside their name in the Details of the group and choose to remove them from the group.

Be sure not to discount Google Messages as any other messaging application available for Android. It is possible to use Google Messages on your laptop or your desktop and do more using it.

How can you leave an unintentional group chat in iMessage for iPhone?

If you’re participating in an iMessage-only chat with your iPhone, You can exit it with just a few steps. Remember that the definition of an iMessage group chat happens in which you’ll notice blue bubbles for every participant. If there’s even one other non-iPhone participant in the Chat, it’s a group based on SMS/MMS. It is impossible to quit messages in a group via SMS or MMS for iPhone.

  1. Open the Messages app from your iPhone.
  2. Tap the group icon you’d like to leave.
  3. Select option Leave this discussion option located at the very bottom of the page.
  4. Confirm your choice when asked.
    If you can’t see the possibility of exiting the chat group, you’re in an SMS/MMS group. Your only choice is to turn on the Hide Alerts switch for the discussion so you’re not informed about the conversation shortly.

Stop snarky group chats and relax.

Chats with friends can be enjoyable for a while, or at least for a short period. They can become a hassle, so quitting the chats is best to keep your head safe. If you’re a big fan of messages with relatives and friends, consider getting one of the most reliable encryption-encrypted messaging applications available on Android to ensure total safety and security.

How can you delete an unread group message using Android?

If you wish to refrain from participating with a group of people, you should have a simple enough to eliminate yourself from the group. Wrong, unfortunately. For Android, You’ll have to seek permission from the group’s creator to remove you from the group. To do that, contacting the person who created the group is easy, and requesting to delete you is easy. But it’s unnecessary to keep receiving irritating notifications from a group you’re not in. It is easy to mute any group chat in Android, and we’ll go over how in the following section.

How can you silence an entire group of text messages on Android

Muting group conversations in Android is simple and ensures there won’t be other notifications. We’ll explain below how you can do it in Google Messages and Samsung Messages and the method to muffle group text messages in the case of the OnePlus phone.

How do you leave group text messages on Android?

To Android Users, Chat does not allow users to quit a chat altogether. Instead, it is necessary to turn off the Chat (Google refers to this as “hiding” the conversation). Chat will be visible through Chat. However, the phone won’t keep being triggered whenever someone replies.

Gaining Some Peace of Mind

Whether you’re trying to avoid group texting or one individual sender bugging you regularly doesn’t matter. It’s annoying to get unwanted texts. There are ways to avoid it, and preventing the same thing from happening later is always possible.

Keep your phone number private from those who don’t see the benefit of your number! Be aware that your telephone number is also an aspect of your data. Giving it away to uninvolved users could lead to harmful situations for the person you share it with, like receiving continual emails from people you do not know.


Removing yourself from the group message in the Android messaging apps is nearly impossible. Contrary to iOS 12 on iPhone devices. Once you’ve joined and locked in, it’s only possible to get out if you stop blocking calls when you’re done with the Chat. However, you can silence those conversations and hide the alerts so you don’t receive them. It’s also relatively simple to delete group text conversations within the context of an instant messaging application such as Facebook Messenger.

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