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How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

A bed is among the building blocks of Minecraft, which you need to build at a very early stage when you start the game, most likely before the first night, unless you’re looking to hide from the world until the early hours of the morning.

Beds are straightforward to construct, just having two simple ingredients to make within the initial few minutes of entering a Minecraft game for the first time. Beds are crucial because they let you skip through the night as it begins to get dark, which stops creatures from appearing on the surface.

Bed Recipe

If you’re trying to build the bed, you will require two types of materials: Wood Planks and Wool. Here’s the same material that you’ll require to make your Bed Recipe:

3x Wood Planks (Any Type)

Three times matching Wool (Needs to be the identical color Wool)

Here’s how to layout the materials on the Crafting Table to create the bed:

What Is Need To Craft A Bed

Players will require three Wooden Planks and three wool blocks to make an actual bed. In addition, it will require a Crafting Table since the recipe will require three slots large.

Make a bed from scratch.

This technique is inspired by white wool. If you are looking for a vibrant bed, move into the following section of this guide.

Step 1. Step 1: Open the Crafting Table and drag one woodblock in your inventory onto any of the nine squares on the grid for crafting.

One woodblock = 4 wood plank blocks

Step 2: Drop the four planks of wood in your storage. There are three planks of wood to make the bed.

Step 3: Put one plank of wood each in the lower three squares in the crafting grid, as shown in the following image.

Step 4: Insert each wool block identical color in the three corners on the grid for crafting.

Step 4: Insert your bed’s new location in your collection.

Dyeing A Bed

The color of your bed will depend on the version of Minecraft you’re using.

In the Java Edition, only white beds are dyeable.

The Bedrock Edition (or Education Edition) can apply dye to any bed shade.

Or, you can place the dye bed next to the bed on the table of your craft to change it into your dye’s hue!

Using A Bed Normally

Beds are available to players only at night or during storms. However, the Beds will delay the game’s start time until the next day.

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